The Population of Turkey

Searching for information and facts about the current population of Turkey? This guide to the population statistics of Turkey offer some interesting information.

The population of Turkey in 2006 is approximately 70 million people according to estimates. Ethnic Turks comprise roughly 80% of the population of Turkey while Kurds form nearly 20% of the rest. The only official language in Turkey is Turkish which is spoken by all of the population however there are minority languages which are spoken locally in the communities of ethnic minorities. These languages include Kurd, Azari, Dimly and Kabardian.

Although Kurds form the largest minority they do share the same religion as the Turkish majority which is Islam. Officially Islam is the religion of 99.8% of the population of Turkey although there are some long established minorities in Turkey who have been living in Turkey for centuries. There is a small community of Turkish Jews who mostly live in Istanbul who have been living in Turkey since the 1500′s when they were welcomed and settled after escaping from persecution in Spain.

The average life expectancy for the total population of Turkey is 72.62 years with males who have traditionally been the breadwinners averaging around 70 years while females living slightly longer up to an average age of 75. According to official statistics the aids rate is almost non existent standing at only 0.01%. Overall the literacy rate among the population of Turkey is quite high at 86% although males have a higher rate of literacy at 94 percent while females are at 78%.

The current growth rate for the population of turkey is only 1% although this is likely to rise in the future with 3 births taking place to every one death. The average birth rate among the entire population of Turkey stands at 16 per 1000 births and deaths at around 6 per every thousand. Approximately one quarter of today’s population of Turkey is comprised of children under the age of fourteen. The vast majority of the remainder of the population of Turkey are the working population up to the age of 65. At present over 65′s constitute only around 7% of the population of Turkey. The median age for the population of Turkey is 28 years.

The fertility rate among the female population of Turkey is 1.92 children per woman. The infant mortality rate is around 40 per every 1000 among the whole population of turkey however the mortality rate is higher among male children with the rate currently at 43 while female babies stand a comparatively better chance of survival at around 35 per thousand.

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