Swiss Air Force Decals

Looking for Swiss Air Force decals? Perhaps you need Swiss air decals for a model plane of a commercial aircraft? Here we’ve got information & facts about Swiss air force decals that you’ll want to know.

Depending on the precise model aircraft that you have, the decals you want will differ in scale. Scale sizes vary quite drastically with anything from between 1/48th scale to 1/100th scale. When you purchase your Swiss air force decals your supplier should state on the box exactly what the scale is. Unless you get the right scale for your Swiss air force decals it will be impossible to stick them onto the model airplane.

Buying Swiss Air Force Decals

Swiss air force decals are not particularly easy to come by as not many manufacturers make them due to relatively low levels of demand. Nevertheless, there are still a few companies who provide decals for both Swiss commercial model airplanes as well as military aircraft belonging to the Swiss air force.

One feature that both Swiss air force decals and those belonging to commercial Swiss Air models share, is the ubiquitous white cross resting on the red background. Aside from being on the national flag, this quintessentially Swiss cross features on many products that come from Switzerland including Swiss army knives and even some Swiss cheese. However, depending on the precise decals you buy for your model Swiss air force airplane, there will be some slight variations to look out for.

Swiss Air Commercial Decals

Swiss air is one of the top airline carriers in Europe and its logo is familiar to most people. The decals for these aircraft are relatively straightforward and come with a few distinctive features. Aside from the famous white cross which is painted onto the tail of the plane so that it can be seen by passers by from the ground when the aircraft is landed, the decals for these models also contain a long red stripe that runs down the entire middle of the aircraft on both sides. Also the word SWISSAIR is written in capital letters towards the front of the plane.

Swiss Air force Decals

The Decals for Swiss air force planes are rather more interesting than their civilian counterparts. The decals for the Swiss F-18C feature an illustration of a snarling tiger head on the tail of the plane. The tiger in turn is brandishing a missile in it’s hand as if poised to throw it down to the ground; quite a menacing specter for those unlucky enough to be on the receiving end of such an image.

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