Swiss Army Automatic Watches

Looking for a discount Swiss Army Alliance watch? Perhaps you’re looking for a diver’s or officer’s watch? Whether its men’s of ladies watches you want, Victorinox or Wenger, our guide gives you the facts & information you want to know.

Yet again, the Swiss Army Automatic collection offers us watch enthusiasts with the best buys ever. Three new promising and premium Swiss Army Automatic watches are now out on the market and will surely capture your eyes. An additional collectible, valuable, and practical time keeping piece is now out and waiting for your buy. Swiss Army Automatic watches are among the best timepieces ever made and will definitely make a mark in watch history.

Alliance Swiss Army Automatic Watch

The Swiss Army Automatic Alliance timepiece offers you the following advantages: big-enough numbers with the official brand logo on the “12″ digit, water resistant to up to 100 meters when submerged, second hand dial, scratch proof Sapphire glass, tells dates and days positioned on the “3″ digit, rust proof case, rubber strap with a logo embossed buckle and no need for a battery change. This Swiss Army Alliance Automatic watch is truly your ally both in ordinary or special days.

Airboss Swiss Army Automatic Watch

If you prefer an aviation inspired watch, you might want to check out the Swiss Army Automatic Airboss collection. This Swiss Army Automatic watch has a precision set movement with large digits from numbers one to eleven; it also has a military time advantage great for flying between time zones. The Swiss Army Automatic Airboss offers nighttime visibility through its incandescent hands. The stainless steel strap of the Swiss Army Automatic has a push button grasp for a more secured grip. Great flights are truly great if accompanied by the Swiss Army Automatic Airboss.

Chronopro  Swiss Army Automatic Watch

One of the most luxurious watches ever crafted, the Swiss Army Automatic Chronopro is built with the highest performing designs. This Swiss Army Automatic watch features a genuine Swiss craftsmanship which only promises the best. Its precision self winding movement is generated together with an astonishing power cache of up to 42 hours. This Swiss Army Automatic also has the Sapphire glass which offers a hundred percent guarantee of being scratch proof. Aside from the long hand and short hand pointing to the digits, it has another sub-hand which is situated at the “6″ digit. This Swiss Army Automatic chronograph watch provides for evening visibility through the luminous hands. The professionally built Swiss Army Automatic watch comprises of a translucent case back where you can view the mechanical ticking of your Swiss Army Automatic watch. To top it all off, the glass of this Swiss Army Automatic is shock proof crafted in mineral crystal. This Swiss Army Automatic Chronopro is a timepiece created under a plush and elite design. This Swiss Army Automatic is going to give you the best timepiece in the world.

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