Swiss Army Bag

Want to buy a Swiss Army Bag? Do you know what type of Swiss Army bag is best for you? Here we explain the features of the most popular Swiss Army Bags available giving you the facts & information you want to know.

The Swiss Army does not only produce luxurious watches but quality Swiss Army bags as well. Whether it be a backpack, messenger bag or laptop bag, you can rest assured if it’s made by Swiss Army it’s been crafted under the most durable and pristine raw materials. The Swiss army bag is guaranteed to last and will embrace any change in weather. Whatever your job, there is a Swiss Army bag to suit you and will surely pass your quality standards too.

Wenger Messenger Swiss Army Bag

This Swiss Army bag offers you a multitude of purposes. It is mainly the attraction of the business world. Whether you work in an office or you still attend school, this Swiss Army bag will truly satisfy your standards. It has a good strong quality and a detailed design sold at a very affordable price. This type of Swiss Army bag is made from superior vinyl or nylon materials. Choose to purchase a Swiss Army bag now and make your everyday load to work complete. The Wenger Messenger Swiss Army Bag is just $29.95.

The Document Satchel Swiss Army Bag

This historical Swiss Army Bag dates back to the year 1976. This Swiss Army bag is finely crafted out of leather; it has a durable but comfortable shoulder strap. It is 9.75x7x2.5 inches in size. The Swiss Army bag contains an inside pouch which is mainly crafted to hold pens. The interior design of the pouch is made out of Velcro. This Swiss Army bag is just $29.99

The Swiss Army Travel Bag

This Swiss Army bag is the best companion on your flights. This type of Swiss Army bag has a wide interior with several compartments to separate your things when packing up. This Swiss Army bag can be carried as either a rucksack or a stroller; it has wheels which makes your travel more convenient and easy. Price is between $335-$535 depending on make, design and whether you buy a single bag or a set of travel bags.

The Swiss Army Rolling Laptop Travel Bag

This Swiss Army bag is made out of Condura material which facilitates easy cleansing. The Swiss Army bag offers zippered compartments. Its slightly used wheels are a little bit scathed; but still, the quality of this Swiss Army bag could never be questioned as it has stood the test of time. It has a 17 inch width and a 14 inch length which is also best for travel. Business organizer compartments are the features of this Swiss Army bag; and it provides for a secured laptop area. The wheels are easy to glide and the bag itself is handy to use. The quality of this Swiss Army bag is unquestionable. Price is $87-$120 for wheeled Wenger and $399-$500 for Trevi wheeled expandable.

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