Swiss Army Card

Looking for a Swiss army card? Want to know how much they are and how many different types of Swiss army card there are? Our guide gives you the facts & information you want to know.

Are you tired of looking for your scissors, nail file, and tweezers? These are just little things. They also have the tendency to become lost among your many other things. Don’t you wish that you have something that would keep all of these things together? Well, there is a Swiss Army Card.

Swiss Army Card Features

Looking for more ways to diversify themselves and creating more multifunctional tools, Victorinox makes Swiss Army Cards. Just like its brother, the Swiss Army Knife, the Swiss Army Card packs a lot of functions within its small body. The Swiss Army Card is very practical. It can be a lifesaver if there are some things missing in the office like scissors or a ruler, if you have your Swiss Army Card you can use it as scissors or a ruler.

Swiss Army Card Design

The Swiss Army card is very thin but it is also very functional. It looks very sleek and it was beautifully designed to fit several things and keep them in one place. It comes in several colors that you can choose from. It can also come in black. The Swiss Army card is not restricted to one gender because its design is unisex.

So what does the Swiss Army Card contain? The Swiss Army card was built to contain essential tools like a ruler, a pair of scissors, a pen, a nail file with a screwdriver tip, letter opener and even a toothpick! And to think that it’s as big as a credit card. This is amazing! Doesn’t this remind you of Batman’s utility belt? It’s easy to take your Swiss Army Card everywhere with you because it is so small.

Keeping your Swiss Army Card

The down side of the Swiss Army Card is that, if your Swiss Army Card gets lost, everything that is also found along with it is also lost. So, if you lose your Swiss Army Card you can also wave goodbye to the scissors, blade, tweezers etc. So, as a word of advice for users and prospective owners, the Swiss Army Card has a tendency to be lost unless you keep it in a safe memorable place. Always remember where you put your Swiss Army Card because it is one of the most practical things that you will own and your Swiss Army Card should be there when you it need.

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