Swiss Army Logo

Interested in the history of the Swiss Army Logo? Want to know what the colors and cross mean on the Swiss Army Logo? Our guide gives you the facts & information you want to know.

The Swiss Army logo has traveled a long way in history. The Swiss Army logo has made a mark that is well celebrated even in our modern world today. Perhaps it is because of its quality that a lot of people admired the company, the product and the Swiss Army logo. The Swiss Army logo symbolizes a craftsmanship that will always leave great marks through the corridors of time.

How the Swiss Army Logo Was Established

Victorinox, the known user of Swiss Army logo, was established by a man named Karl Elsner in 1884. He had a cutlery shop which gave the Swiss Army their first soldier’s knives. The Swiss Army logo was not yet part of these. Karl’s corporation was formerly the only purveyor of Knives to the Swiss Army. In the year 1908, Elsner’s company had to split the supply bond with Wenger. In due course, both companies reached a conformity that permitted Victorinox to publicize the Authentic Swiss Army Knife and the Swiss Army logo in the coming year.

In the year 1909, Karl Elsner began to use the historical Swiss Army logo. Up to this time, it is the same Swiss Army logo that we know of. The company started to use the Swiss Army logo consisting of the shield and the cross as an emblem to signify his well crafted knives. The Swiss Army logo became a popular mark during that moment in time and even up to the present day the Swiss Army logo is a mark of distinction. The owner named the company, which later cam to use the Swiss Army logo, after his mother whose name was Victoria. Elsner combined that name with the French word “inox” which means stainless steel. It was then that the name “Victorinox” came to be, the company that history knows as the bearer of the Swiss Army logo. Ever since then, the name has been made a symbol of quality and its insignia—the Swiss Army logo. The Swiss Army logo is well-known in all parts and corners of the world.

Swiss Army Logo on Various Products

Today, the Swiss Army knives with the Swiss Army logo include quite a number of tools, namely: blades, bottle openers, wire strippers, screwdrivers, toothpicks, tweezers, scissors, pliers, keychains, and a whole lot more. All of these items are marked or engraved with the Swiss Army logo. The Swiss Army logo carries with it excellent craftsmanship and the best qualities which will surely meet your standards. Victorinox entered the TRG group and went on to produce not only knives but other materials as well. All of which bear the Swiss Army logo. Presently, the Swiss Army logo bearer is maker of great watches which carry the Swiss Army logo. Victorinox is also engaged in bag and luggage making; plus they have also diversified into crafting writing tools and even apparel. Now, the Swiss Army logo has left an emblem which will surely travel far into the future.

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