Swiss Army Wristwatches

Want to buy a Swiss Army wrist watch? Perhaps you’re looking for replacement parts for your Victorinox or Wenger Swiss Army wrist watch? Our guide to Swiss army watches gives you the facts & information you want to know.

Swiss Army wristwatches are products of the Victorinox company. The company is also famous for their Swiss Army knives. The company first started out by making pocket knives. In 1891, soldiers were issued with Swiss army knives. But it wasn’t until World War II that their knives really became world renowned. The US Army, Marine and Air Force issued Victorinox knives in bulk to their soldiers. The Americans dubbed it as the Swiss Army Knife; the name has stuck ever since.

Victorinox Swiss Army Wrist Watches

Like all other businesses, Victorinox had two choices, it could further specialize in making pocket knives or it could diversify and venture into many other products. The company chose the latter. It decided to make watches. In 1989, Victorinox launched Swiss Army wristwatches in America and it began opening several sales offices around the world. In the following years to come, Victorinox further diversified itself by manufacturing luggage, clothing and even perfumes. Then, the company expanded the watch division by creating Victorinox Watch SA in Bonfol.

Swiss Army wristwatches boast of the same quality, durability and functionality as the famous Swiss Army Knife. By just looking at the watches, you can immediately tell that it is of superior quality than many other watches available on the market. This is because quality is one of the topmost priorities of the company whether they are making knives or watches. Materials used to make the watch should qualify to the standard specifications before they will be used in making the watches. There are process controls during the whole watch making procedure. This is to ensure the quality is not compromised in any stage of the procedure. After the watch is made, the watch will undergo a final inspection. If it falls below the standards, it will never see the daylight. Even before it is brought to stores for sale, it must have already passed several tests. This is why, the Swiss Army wristwatch is known for its durability when exposed to harsh and varied weather conditions. But the ultimate test, the watch has to pass is the taste of people. It might have high standards but nobody might cares to buy it. The question is, is it worthy enough to make the person want to buy the watch?

Victorinox has come a long way from its modest beginnings. It is able to maintain its reputation for quality and functionality of its different products. As the old saying goes, ‘time is gold’, it really is, if you have a Swiss Army wristwatch that helps you tell the time.

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