Swiss Army Backpacks

Looking to buy a Swiss Army Backpack? Perhaps you want a Swiss Army Laptop backpack. Our guide to Swiss army gear & backpacks gives you the facts & information you want to know.

VICTORINOX, in addition to Wenger, is one of only two  main makers of the famous Swiss Army knives. In recent years, they have extended their company to make other fine goods used by not only the army, but by explorers and campers world wide. Known for their exceptional craftsmanship and design, VICTORINOX if fast becoming the best maker of Swiss Army backpacks in the world.

The backpack has been dated back to the earliest days of ancient man. Archeologists believe that the cave man used a form of back pack in which to carry tools, hunting supplies, and his daily kill.  These first backpacks were simple animal skins tied in knots. Little did the caveman know that his invention would eventually lead to world famous Swiss Army backpacks, some of which are used to hold laptops.

Today Swiss Army backpacks and gear are available in just about every shape and size. They are made out of lightweight, sturdy material which allow for maximum strength without the bulk.  Swiss Army backpacks are used for everything from the usual camping and carrying of supplies to executive lap top carriers.  They are available in a variety of fashionable colors including beige, camouflage green, powder blue and even bright pinks and purples.

Making Swiss Army Backpacks

There are three basic ways in which Swiss Army backpacks are made. The frameless backpacks are simple sturdy cloth attached to two shoulder straps. These backpacks are very popular with students.  Frameless backpacks come with many “extras” including outside pockets and zippered compartments in which to place small items such as change, pencils, etc.

Swiss Army Camping Backpacks

External frame packs are popular with explorers and the military. These types of Swiss Army backpacks are made of cloth supported by lightweight aluminum poles. The poles extend to the outside of the backpack and allow the traveler to carry bulky items such as tents and thermal blankets. The material of the backpack is lifted off of the back and this gives the cloth the ability to “breath” so that the carrier sweats less.

The internal frame backpack is similar to the external frame. The main difference is that the poles are heavier and located on the inside of the cloth.  These Swiss Army backpacks are popular with campers and travelers.  Internal frame backpacks are carried close to the body. The material is heavier and the carrier tends to sweat more.

Swiss Army backpacks are being created to meet the demands of today’s high tech world. There are now backpacks made especially for laptops, cameras, cell phones, and every other electronic gadget on today’s market.

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