Swiss Cheese Crackers

Want to buy some genuine Swiss cheese crackers? Looking for nutritional facts about Swiss cheese crackers? Our guide to Swiss cheese crackers gives you the facts & information you want to know.

One of the most popular snacks is Swiss cheese (&) crackers. This snack is easy to make and is relatively nutritious (cheese contains calcium and whole wheat crackers contain fiber).  People around the world eat these Swiss cheese crackers at parties, before bed, and at picnics or family outings.   While no one knows for sure who ate the first cheese  and crackers; it is well known where each one originated.

Making Swiss Cheese Crackers

Swiss cheese originated in the country of Switzerland. It is known for its’ mild, nutty taste and its’ unique appearance of round holes being in the cheese. Swiss cheese is perhaps the most widely recognized cheese in the world. The wholes in Swiss cheese are developed by a chemical reaction of naturally occurring bacteria forming gas bubbles.  These gas bubbles are called, “eyes”.  Swiss cheese which manages to develop without these “eyes” is called blind.  Usually, the larger the eyes, the more flavorful the cheese (this is because cheese with larger eyes have aged longer).  The problem in the US is that many people prefer to buy their Swiss cheese pre-sliced for crackers.  The cheese with larger holes does not slice well. As a result, pre-sliced Swiss cheese is usually aged less and has a milder flavor.

History of Swiss Cheese Crackers

The first crackers were baked in 1801 by Tyler Radel.   He built his cracker factory in Boston and sold his crackers to sailors leaving port there. Mr. Radel first made his crackers for sailors on long voyages. They were originally called “sea biscuits” because they were meant to be bread that would hold up in wet conditions and over long periods of time. It is believed that it was on one of these sea voyages that the first Swiss cheese (&) crackers were eaten.   The name for these wheat and flour biscuits was changed from “sea biscuit” to “cracker” as a result of the cracking sound they make while being baked.  It was during the Civil War of the United States that the cracker became famous as an every day food.  Soldiers kept crackers on hand so they would have something to eat during their long travels on foot and horseback.

Today, crackers come in a variety of sizes and flavors. Most crackers are made from wheat and flour.  These more bland crackers are eaten in soups.  Manufacturers have added variety to their crackers by adding salt, chicken stock, herbs, and cheese. One snack manufacturer even makes pre-made Swiss cheese (&) crackers which come in small packs.  These small packs of crackers can usually be found in convenience stores and are popular with travelers.

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