Swiss Transport: Boats in Switzerland

Are you going on holiday to Switzerland? Why not take in the scenery of Switzerland’s lakes on a boat cruise? Here we’ve included some useful tips on travelling by boat in Switzerland.

Travelling by boat is not the fastest or most efficient means of public transport in Switzerland; however, if you’re not in any rush and feel like taking in some beautiful scenery including snowy Swiss mountains and cool glistening lakes, then travelling by boat in Switzerland is a good idea. Switzerland has dozens of lakes scattered across the country, many of which offer ferry services across the lakes. Some of the major lakes in Switzerland offer boat cruises catering specifically for tourists which depart and finish at the same point of the lake. The major lakes in Switzerland include lakes Geneva, Lucerne, Thun and Brienz all of which offer some type of boat cruise. Most people in Switzerland do not use boats for daily commuting but mainly for the beautiful scenery that can be seen, which often includes mountains and meadows. Although some boat routes in Switzerland are open all year round, many of them are only open in the summer months between April – October.

Boat passes in Switzerland

Many boat services in Switzerland are covered by general Swiss travel passes which include travel by train and buses, so it’s generally recommendable for tourists in Switzerland planning to enjoy some scenic boat trips on Switzerland’s lakes to purchase a travel pass that allows travel on boats as well as trains and buses. Tourists that are driving in Switzerland and simply want to enjoy the boat trips that Switzerland has to offer are able to buy special Swiss boat passes which offer discounts for all subsequent boat trips. Otherwise fares for individual boat and lake steamer cruises in Switzerland will depend primarily on distance and class.

First class boat travel in Switzerland

Most boat cruises and lake steamers in Switzerland have 1st and 2nd class compartments. Although 1st class compartments are not hugely different in terms of facilities offered, they tend to be less crowded, especially during high season in Switzerland.

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