Chinese Zodiac Dragon

The Chinese zodiac dragon is the most unique and prominent zodiac symbol. Find out about the inherent qualities that are found in the dragon.

The image of the dragon is something that it instantly associated with ancient Chinese culture. Indeed it is an image that has found its way into many different forms of art making it self a prominent part of the Chinese traditions. With regards to the Chinese zodiac calendar the dragon represents the fifth year of the zodiac calendar.

The dragon is the only mythical character in the zodiac cycle which is what makes it unique. It represents the fifth year of the cycle and is considered to be the mightiest of all the twelve signs. Dragons are not followers of formalized ways rather they seek to live by self manifested rules. The thing that makes them unique is that their own rules most commonly lead them to success.

Being such a potent symbol the dragon represents a courageous personality that is not afraid to take on any sort of challenge and is not afraid to take big risks. As such the dragon is a very passionate character and this quality of the dragon manifests itself in whatever activity the dragon engages in. They are driven by their passion and will often exhaust themselves pursuing their passions which may also result in unhappiness if their dreams are not fulfilled.

Dragons & Solitude

Dragon people love to give to society more than they take from it. This is one of the much appreciated qualities of the dragon which attracts people towards them. Although the dragon is popular on a social level personally it enjoys being alone. Often times their love for solitude makes people consider dragons to be arrogant and self conceited. The truth however is quite the contrary although dragons do have a short temper and you really wouldn’t want to provoke them.

Dragons at Work

The dragons keep healthy because they are hard working. The fact that they take too many risks often places them under stress. There is no way that a dragon would like to remain as a follower. Rather it will do all that is within its power to achieve the position of leadership. They like to be on duty and love to show off their capabilities. They make great inventors, architects, computer analysts and sales persons.

Dragons and Love

The dragons possess a unique romantic streak. On the one hand they love to give in to love but on the other hand they will let nothing take away their independence. The dragon may also display vengefulness if hurt by his loved one. Generally though, they are attracted by intriguing personalities and show a high level of sincere commitment when coupled with the perfect match.

Their inherent qualities can turn them into pied pipers with hoards of people following their lead. Such is the overwhelming personality of the dragon. There is however a considerable amount of difference in the dragons of different elements but there is no denying that the dragon is by far the most powerful mythical beasts in the Chinese zodiac.

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