Mountain Inns in Switzerland

Are you going on a hiking holiday in the mountains of Switzerland? Would you like to stay in a genuine Swiss mountain inn? Read our guide to finding a Swiss mountain inn for your holiday in Switzerland.
Swiss mountain inns

If you are planning on a hiking holiday in the Swiss mountains then the best place for you to stay is in a Swiss mountain inn. Swiss mountain inns have been a popular choice of accommodation for holiday makers in Switzerland for over one hundred years and often, the Swiss mountain inns are just as old.

Although the majority of occupants of mountain inns in Switzerland are foreigners, they are also a popular choice for Swiss hikers. Many mountain inns in Switzerland are old farm houses that have been converted to cater for tourists.

Accommodation standards at Swiss mountain inns

The general standard of accommodation is very basic comprising of sturdy log wood structures and simple rustic decorations. Mountain inns in Switzerland are invariably in remote locations and only accessible by foot, often requiring quite a lengthy hike from the nearest village.

Most mountain inns in Switzerland are very limited in terms of electronic modern conveniences such as televisions, so it’s a good idea to take along some books to pass the time in the evenings.

Because most mountain inns in Switzerland are so old they often lack private bathrooms or even hot running water. Despite the basic nature of mountain inns in Switzerland they are generally well maintained and kept clean and managed by a local Swiss family.

Food at Swiss mountain inns

This means that the food provided at mountain inns in Switzerland is usually good quality, hearty and plentiful. The range of accommodation on offer in Swiss mountain inns varies from dormitory style accommodation to single or double bedrooms.

One thing to bear in mind when staying at a mountain inn in Switzerland is that the owners usually only accept cash as payment

Self catering chalets in Switzerland

For travellers more reliant on modern creature comforts and with a sizable budget at their disposal, a self catering chalet in the mountains of Switzerland may be a more suitable option.

Self catering chalets in Switzerland usually offer the normal range of appliances one would expect including electricity, private bathroom and showering facilities and hot and cold running water. Of course, these added extras usually incur a higher price that opting for a mountain inn in Switzerland.

Availability of Mountain chalets in Switzerland

The availability of self catering mountain chalets in Switzerland is more limited in comparison to mountain inns, so during the peak summer months these chalets tend to be completely booked throughout the entire peak season in Switzerland.

Holiday makers in Switzerland usually pre book their stay in a self catering Chalet in the mountains of Switzerland up to several months before travelling.

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