Switzerland Visa Application Procedures

Do you need to complete a Swiss visa application? Need to know what the procedure is for visa applications to Switzerland? Our guide to visa applications for Switzerland gives you the information you want.

Nationals from the EU, USA, Canada, Japan and Australia do not need a visa for visits up to 90 days. If you intend to spend more than 6 months in a year in Switzerland then you need to apply for a residence permit, otherwise various types of Visa are available for those wishing to go to Switzerland.   Visas cost £25 for travellers above 18 and £12.50 for under 18’s travelling on their own passport.

Switzerland Tourist Visa Application

Nationals from countries that aren’t exempt from Swiss tourist visa requirements must ensure that they have a passport that doesn’t expire within six months of their proposed departure date from Switzerland. A completed Swiss visa application form must be presented at the embassy of Switzerland in your country along with a passport photo and the Swiss visa application fee that may vary according to country.  In addition you may be asked to provide evidence that you can financially support yourself throughout your stay in Switzerland.

Switzerland Business Visa Application

The Swiss business visa application procedure is similar to that of the Swiss tourist visa application. Swiss business visa applicants should produce a valid passport, completed Swiss visa application form and a passport photograph at the local embassy of Switzerland .Persons wishing to obtain a Switzerland business visa must produce evidence of some kind of business relationship with a company inside Switzerland: this could be an invitation from the Swiss company you wish to do business with. This letter that is necessary for the Switzerland business visa application should be sent directly to the Swiss consulate or embassy of the country you are applying from.

Switzerland Visitor Visa Application

Similar to Swiss tourist and business visa applications, persons wishing to apply for a visitor visa in Switzerland need to produce a valid passport, completed visa application form and passport photo to the local embassy. In addition, a Swiss visitor visa application requires a letter from the Swiss national you intend to visit in Switzerland. This letter of invitation should be accompanied by a photocopy of the Swiss host’s passport or national identity card and sent to the Swiss consulate where the visa application is being made.

Switzerland Transit Visa Application

Travellers wishing to transit in Switzerland for up to 48 hours must complete a Swiss transit visa application. In addition to a valid passport and usual procedures entailed in other Swiss visa applications, evidence of a booked ongoing flight from Switzerland must be produced. In order for the Swiss transit visa application to be successful one must also have valid visas for ongoing countries.

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