Wenger Swiss Army Knife

Looking for the new evo Wenger Swiss army knife? Interested in the history of Wenger Swiss army knives? Our guide gives you the facts & information you want to know.

The Wenger Swiss Army Knife is in many ways closely related to those Swiss Army knives made by Victorinox. These two companies share a long history of producing top quality pocket knives, first to the military then to the ordinary consumer market. Wenger and Victorinox are in fact rival companies; they are the only two official manufacturers and suppliers of Swiss Army knives.

Wenger Swiss Army Knife History

Back in 1983, in the Swiss Canton of Jura, Switerzland, Pual Boechat & Co. signed a contract with the Swiss Army to produce knives. Theodore Wenger came to work for the company as a manager. Wegner acquired the company and the company later changed its name to Wenger and David. The company produced pocket knives, spoons and forks. Then in 1908, the Swiss Army split the contract for producing and supplying knives to the Swiss Army. One half of the orders went to Victorinox while the other went to Wenger. The Swiss Army split the contract because they wanted to increase the competition between the two companies. More competition meant lower prices and better knives. But Swiss Army did this in the guise of the spirit of cooperation and harmony.

Wenger Swiss Army Knives

Wenger boasts of making “Genuine Swiss Army Knife” while Victorinox advertises it’s “Original Swiss Army Knife.” There is no antagonism between the two because there was prior agreement as to how they would dub and advertise their knives. But if you think about it, genuine and original means the same. Both companies are the suppliers of Swiss Army knives to the Swiss Army anyways. In the year 2005, Wegner made a few changes in the Swiss Army Knife’s design. The company introduced Evolution. This is a collection of Swiss Army Knives that had ergonomic handles. The new designs of the handles allowed users to have a better hold of their Wegner Swiss Army Knife. Two years later, to follow up with their progress, Wegner made EvoGrip. These are Wegner Swiss Army knives that had rubber inserts. Rubber inserts gave users a better grip. Users are assured that the Swiss Army knife will not slip in their fingers.

Wenger Swiss Army Knife Design

Aside from the ergonomic handles, Wegner Swiss Army knives can be distinguished from the Victorinox Swiss Army Knife by just looking at the logos. Wegner Swiss Army knives have a cross which is enclosed in a slightly rounded square. Wenger has been producing good quality Swiss Army knives for several years now. With Victorinox’s acquisition of Wegner, followers and buyers of Wegner Swiss Army Knife have nothing to worry about since Victorinox intends to keep Wegner intact and Wegner is making more progress in Swiss Army knife design than ever.

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