Handicraft shopping in Chiang Mai

Are you going on holiday to Chiang Mai in Thailand? You can read about all the best handicrafts to buy in Chiang Mai here.

Chiang Mai is probably the best place in Thailand to go shopping for traditional handicrafts. A long traditional of local production ensures that the quality of products is high and the prices are lower than elsewhere in Thailand. Below we’ve highlighted just a few of the most popular handicrafts that people buy as souvenirs when visiting Chiang Mai in Thailand.

Buying pottery in Chiang Mai

The pottery sold in Chiang Mai is all locally produced and is generally simple in design yet elegant. Pottery from Chiang Mai has a distinctive grey hue which is achieved my mixing the clay with wood ash at the beginning of the production chain. Some of the biggest and most well known pottery factories in Thailand are based in Chiang Mai and most of them have outlets where you can buy these wonderful Thai handicrafts for very reasonable prices. Otherwise, there are many retail outlets selling pottery on Sankampaeng rd.

Buying wood carving in Chiang Mai

The regions surrounding Chiang Mai are replete with highly skilled wood carvers who have inherited their skills from generations back. Due to a history of royal patronage the wood carving industry in Chiang Mai has been able to develop over the centuries and some of the work done is absolutely exquisite. You can buy everything from wooden furniture to small intricately decorated trinket boxes in Chiang Mai.

Buying silk in Chiang Mai

Thai silk is world renowned and one of the best places to go shopping for silk in Thailand is in Chiang Mai. The best place to buy Thai silk in Chiang Mai is in one of the many stores located on Samkampaeng rd where the choice is wide and the prices are cheap.

Buying gemstones in Chiang Mai

Thailand has rich deposits of semi precious stones including turquoise and ruby and Chiang Mai has some good shops selling gemstones. You have to be aware, however that you aren’t getting ripped off so be sure you know how to tell a real from a fake gemstone or you have someone with you who does.

Buying silver jewelry in Chiang Mai

Some of the local hill tribes are very skilled at producing various bits of jewelry from silver. Popular choices for tourists include bracelets, necklaces and earrings which can be bought on Wilai rd. Chiang Mai has a very good reputation for producing good quality silver and designs.

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