Turkish Lanterns

Want to buy Turkish lanterns? Read on to discover the variety of Turkish style lanterns available in the market and find the perfect Turkish lantern for your requirement…

Turkish lanterns are available in a wide variety of designs and styles. You will be able to find these lanterns made from many different building materials ranging from glass to plastic and metal. Irrespective of the particular setting you want to place a lantern in, you will be able to find something from the extensive collection of Turkish lanterns that perfectly suits your requirements.

Some interesting types of Turkish lanterns available in the market are as follows:

Turkish Palace Lamps

These are uniquely designed lanterns that create dancing shadows. They are made using a combination of glass and brass, which produces brilliant sparkling colored light through reflection. Traditionally these kinds of lamps would hold candles and would also be made to function as oil lamps. They are extremely versatile and can be placed indoors as well as outdoors. Most of the Turkish palace lamps that you will be able find in the market today can be converted to electric lamps and they are available in a variety of hanging options.

Turkish Victorian Whimsy

These are highly decorative Turkish lanterns that are composed of brilliant colored glass, which is set upon very elaborately designed brass fixtures. Such lanterns create an ambiance of the sultan’s palaces of the days gone by. One of the distinctive features of these lanterns is the chandelier chains that are draping along the brass structure. Each chain also has a colored bead in the center. Definition is added to the silhouette at the bottom by traditional Turkish knobs. The lantern has an open top that allows you to insert a tea light candle. You can adapt this lamp style to burn oil and turn it into a spectacular illuminating hanging vase. You also have the option of removing the glass from the fixtures.

Ottoman Filigree

This category of lanterns has some of the most intricate designs amongst the entire collection. The Ottoman filigree category reflects the true opulence that was to be found in the Sultan’s den. These lanterns displayed unique compositions of colored glasswork that would work wonders as light refracted through them. These were more decorative than functional and their main purpose was to create a pleasant ambiance in the surrounding.

Anatolian Nights

This category also takes inspiration from the times when the Ottoman rule was at its peak in Turkey. The Anatolian Nights collection is famous for creating dancing shadows through its colored glasses on the walls and ceilings of the areas where they are placed. These lanterns are better reserved for indoor use so that the residents can enjoy the effects that are created by these beautiful lanterns.

Since we now depend upon electricity, the practical need for lanterns has run out. However, Turkish lanterns continue to soar in terms of popularity, not because people need such light fixtures, but because of the use of brilliant colored glass and the intricate brass structures.

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