Shopping in Bangkok


Are you going on holiday to Bangkok? You’ll probably want to know where the best shopping spots are and what things to buy. If so read on…

Bangkok is one of the premier shopping destinations in South East Asia with a shopping experience to suit every type of taste and budget. Whether its gold jewelry or fake designer clothing, Bangkok has it all. Below we’ve highlighted some of the mot popular things people in Bangkok go shopping for.

Clothes shopping in Bangkok

Bangkok does a thriving trade in fake designer clothing labels. Generally the quality of clothing is very good and often all but the most discerning connoisseur would be unable to tell the difference.

The most popular designer rip offs sold in Bangkok are t-shirts and jeans although accessories such as hand bags, sunglasses and even watches can be found. Another bargain to be had in Bangkok is tailored suits which can be done for a fraction of the price that you’d typically pay elsewhere.

There are tailor shops in abundance all over Bangkok who will most probably be touting hard for your business.

Quality of workmanship is good although make sure you have a least two fittings to fix any minor irregularities in the suit. Service is also extremely fast often being ready within a day or two.

Jewelry Shopping in Bangkok

Thailand mines and produces it’s own garnets, ruby, sapphire and turquoise and whatever it doesn’t produce can still be found and bought in Bangkok.

Although good quality stones are widely available there are also a lot of scams so you need to be extra aware about where you are buying from.

Custom jewelry can also be made in Bangkok to a high level of quality provided you explain thoroughly exactly what it is you want doing. Prices for jewelry in Bangkok are a lot cheaper than in European countries.

Fabric shopping in Bangkok

Bangkok once had a thriving silk trade and although not as big as it used to be is still alive and well. Although prices are cheap you should be aware of disreputable merchants selling synthetic fabrics as natural silk.

The best way to tell the difference is to take a single strand of silk and burn it. If it smells like burnt hair then it’s real silk.

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