Shopping in Thailand

Thailand has some of the best shopping opportunities in Asia, both for real and fake goods. Check out some of the best options for shopping in Thailand below.

Among the many reasons people come to visit Thailand are the wonderful shopping opportunities and bargains to be had throughout the country.  Whether it’s traditional Thai handicrafts, gold jewelry, gemstones or clothes Thailand has a shopping experience for everyone.  Below we’ve highlighted some of the best shopping spots to visit while in Thailand

Shopping markets in Thailand

A visit to an open air shopping market in Thailand is as interesting a cultural experience as visiting any museum or archeological site in the country. Every town and many villages in Thailand play host to a daily or weekly market in which all sorts of goods from meat to fruit to household goods are of offer. The open air markets are a particularly good place to see some of the different foods eaten in Thailand including various types of insect which are fried, sugared and served up in front of your eyes.

Shopping markets in Bangkok

Bangkok is the sprawling capital of Thailand and as you’d expect shopping malls and markets here are plentiful. The night market located at Suan Lum in the heart of the city is perhaps one of the most famous places to come shopping in Bangkok, not least for the wonderful atmosphere created by all the hustle and bustle. Chatuchak is the area in Bangkok where the huge weekend market is set up attracting thousands of shoppers, both foreign and Thai alike. Here you can pick up everything from books to clothes to laser pens and other small trinkets.

Shopping malls in Bangkok

Although most travelers may want to savour the distinctly Thai atmosphere found in the street markets, Bangkok and all other cities in Thailand have plenty of modern shopping malls.  These are good places to pick up designer brand clothing and modern electronics. Some of the larger and more popular shopping malls in Bangkok include Emporium, Gaysorn Plaza and Mah Boon Krong shopping centre.

Bargaining while shopping in Thailand

As with many other countries, bargaining is acceptable in Thailand although it is more commonly done in street markets than in shopping malls where prices are fixed. There are no real secrets to successful bargaining in Thailand, although a smile may help in your negotiations.

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