Chinese Crested Dog Calendar

The Chinese crested dog is yet another unique element of the Chinese culture. Find out what makes this dog so special.

The Chinese crested dog is one of the most popular breeds of the animal in China. Not only is it a popular choice when it comes to keeping a pet in the house rather it has inspired many artists to create different forms of artwork inspired by the breed.

Amongst the many different things where you will be able to find the image of the Chinese crested dogs are especially composed Chinese crested dog calendars. The love that the Chinese have for this particular breed has made such calendars a hot selling item in the country.

You will be able to find Chinese crested dog calendars in many different sizes and formats. The classic calendar however feature 16 months and has plenty of colorful and exciting photography that revolves around the dog.

Chinese crested dog calendars are sold primarily for the fact that they contain pictures of the dog. But the new line of such calendars is its practical advantages. They have been composed in such a manner that give you some space to write down the important things to do or dates to mark on the calendar it self.

What makes the Chinese crested dog such a hit?

The fact is that the Chinese crested dog is a very unique looking specimen. The most unique thing about this breed is that it is a hairless dog. It originated from the country of China but is now found in many different parts of the world.

The variations of the Chinese crested dog that you will be able to find around the world have come about as a series of deliberate attempts at mutation. There are other dogs that have been bred in a similar manner to come out as hairless dogs such as the Peruvian Inca and the Mexican hairless.

The original Chinese crested dog is considered to be a rare breed. Although there are many variations of the breed the original crested dog is considered to be special. It differs in some respects with other dogs as it features tufts of hair on its head and ears as well as the feet and pasterns. The dog even has a mane running down its neck along with a plume at the tail.

These unique physical characteristics of the dog make it appear as a small pony. The special features of the dog are what make it so appealing to the masses. The powderpuff is another version of the Chinese crested dog that sports a full coat.

As beautiful as the Chinese crested dog may be it is just as delicate. The absence of the hair on the body makes the dog susceptible to developing injury and disease caused by exposure to excessive heat or cold. Hence this is not an ordinary outdoor dog. The breed is also marked for some genetic malformations that may sometimes result in missing teeth or toenails.

The Chinese crested dog calendars however aim to capture the dog at its best as it sports pictures of the dog in its natural colors which range from pink to blue and black.

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