Sukhothai Historical Park in Thailand

Are you going on holiday to Thailand? If you’re interested in the history of Thailand you’ll definitely want to visit the Sukhothai historical park. Here we’ve given you tips and useful information on visiting Sukhothai archeological site in Th

Getting to Sukhothai historical park

Sukhothai is situated 265 miles north of Bangkok and is best reached by car or bus.  Sukhothai, which means ‘dawn of happiness’, served as the capital city of Thailand for centuries and is today Thailand’s premier archeological site.  Originally established in 1238 Sukhothai was the first capital of a unified Thailand, and it was from here that dozens of Thai monarchs reigned in succession.

Staying in Sukhothai historical park

Modern day Sukhothai is actually a small town located about 12 km from the Sukhothai historical park. Most visitors who choose to spend the night in Sukhothai usually stay in new Sukhothai where there are better hotels and more things to do, and take a taxi to Sukhothai historical park in the morning.

Touring Sukhhothai historical park

Opening hours for Sukhothai historical park are between 6am until 6pm. Entrance admission to the site costs 40 baht although here are a few special places inside for which you need to pay extra in order to see. For 150 baht you can buy a ticket that allows you to see all these areas including the museums. If you intend on spending a full day at Sukhothai it’s good value to buy this ticket.  Visitors to Sukhothai travel between sites either on bicycle or a specially converted motorcycle taxi that seats a few people. Bicycles can be rented for the day at several shops located just outside the entrance to Sukhothai historical park. It’s also a good idea to pick up a map of Sukhothai historical park from the bicycle shops.

Mahathat Temple in Sukhothai historical park

This temple was built in the 14th century and has a splendid tower shaped like a lotus bud. There are also several smaller towers around this temple in both Sri Lankan and Khmer styles.

Ramakhamhaeng National Museum

This museum is located in the centre of the old city and sports among other things a detailed scale model of the entire city of Sukhothai. Admission costs 30 baht and opening times are from 9am – 4pm Wednesday to Sunday.

Traphay Ngoen Temple in Sukhothai historical park

This temple was largely destroyed by the Burmese army in the 18th century however it’s setting in the middle of a pond in combination with the pleasant views to be had from here make it a good place to visit.

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