Thailand Birthday & Wedding Customs

Interested in Thai birthday & wedding customs? Want to know about the traditional way these special events are celebrated in Thailand? Our guide gives you the social & cultural knowledge you want to know.

You will find Thailand to possess some very unique traditions as part of its culture. This tropical country is known for the influence that Buddhism has left on it and roaming through the streets of Thailand it will be more than obvious to you the extent that the Buddhist religion has had on the customs and traditions of Thailand. Many of their superstitions such as evil omens and good luck charms are things that have been interpolated into the society with many that cannot even be traced back to their origins. Amongst the customs and traditions you will find all sorts of activities of which some have no rational basis whatsoever and others that will give you a piece meal of symbolic representation.

Birthday Customs Thailand

One of the distinct customs in Thailand is the way they celebrate their Birthdays. Usually the Parents and loved ones of the birthday boy or girl purchase birds or fish to the number of the person’s age. They add an extra number as a good luck charm for the next year as they would want to see the person live another year with them. Some blessed water is then sprinkled on to the creatures by the birthday boy or girl who then lets them free into the water or air according to the nature of the creature. The myth behind this method of celebration is that it pleases the Gods. With so many Gods it must be hard to keep them all satisfied!

Thailand Wedding Customs

Wedding parties in Thailand are another very unique aspect of their culture. Although initially the whole process used to be much more complex it has now altered so as to give it a modern touch and make it a bit less strenuous on the busy people of today. The weddings usually start off with the Buddhist ritual of a Monk blessing at the bridegroom’s residence. The following day the marriage is registered although at times the registration can take place at home. The main event of traditional Buddhism is called ROD-NAM-SANG.  This is an event in which the families of the bridegroom and bride get together.

Thailand Wedding Traditions

The event is rather simple in which the couple is made to sit on the floor with their hands raised up in the WAI style which is the Buddhist way of paying respect to Buddha. Although Prince Gautama never really asked to be worshipped in the way that he is today rather he was a genuine seeker of truth this is what the people have taken out of his efforts. Furthermore, the elders of the event step up to soak the couple’s hands in water that is contained in a conch shell. This is done to invoke good blessings on the couple and usually only a select few get to do the honors. The words ROD-NAM-SANG themselves mean soak, water and conch shell respectively. However if you do ever get to attend one of these weddings make sure you don’t wear black to the event as black is seen as a bad luck charm for the couple.

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