Italian Horn Necklaces

Need to wear a good luck charm for protection or need to charm someone? Short of ideas for a gift? How about a really beautiful Italian horn necklace? Read about the designs, history and prices in our information guide to Italian horn necklaces.

Italian horn necklaces have been worn for centuries for protection against evils and for bringing good luck. It is an amulet worn to cast away the evil eye superstition. Now, it has become the latest fashion craze.

Italian Horns

Historically, Italian horns were considered sacred as they were associated with the pre Christian moon goddess, who was greatly respected and loved in Italy as well as Europe before the advent of Christianity in the region. These horns were worn to ward away evil eye, which was widely blamed for harming fertility and sexual powers of men and women, fruit and harvest yields and milking cattle. When Christianity became popular in the area, the moon goddess was replaced with images of the Virgin Mary, although the subtle presence of the old religion still remained as the holy Virgin was often depicted standing on the lunar crescent. However, the Italian horns did not lose their charm and are still well loved by all. Traditionally, Italian horns were made of silver or natural corals were worn in their place. Mostly they were used as necklaces. They have a shape of a twisted horn of an animal.

Italian Horn Necklaces

Italian horns are being used in a variety of ways these days. Italian horn earrings, charm bracelets and in various decorations, but the most traditional and the best loved way is wearing them as necklaces. They look beautiful, are easy to care for and come in various sizes. Most importantly, they blend in with any style and outfit and are an instant hit among all.


These days there is a huge available variety in terms of different materials of Italian Horn necklaces.
• The most traditional choice is the Italian horn necklace in sterling silver. As pure silver cannot be used because of its softness, silver alloy is used containing 92.5% silver and 7.5% of another metal, mostly copper. It is usually rhodium plated as well to give it exceptional shine.
• Perhaps the most favorite choice is yellow gold. Like silver, gold cannot be used in its pure form and is used as an alloy. The content of gold in an alloy is measured in carats. Italian horns are mostly made in 14 carats to give them more durability, but 18 carat Italian horns are also easily available.
• White gold is similar to yellow gold in structure and properties; the difference is that it forms an alloy with a white metal usually silver or platinum along with copper. It is also measured in carats. Italian horns in white gold mostly have 18 carats white gold.
• Italian horn necklaces are the cheapest if bought in natural coral.
• They are also found in diamonds and platinum.

Italian horn necklaces include the Italian horn pendants as well as the chain. Usually each chain has only one Italian horn pendant, which can be worn alone or in layers with other charms. Sometimes, the necklace has a number of Italian horns placed at a distance, which looks very attractive, too. The prices depend on the size of the pendant, the length of the chain, the material of both the pendant and the chain. But you can always find the perfect one for you. Best of luck!!!

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