Things to do in Bangkok

Are you going on holiday to Bangkok? You may want to try one of the many things to do in Bangkok listed below.

If you’re only going to Bangkok for a few days there should be more than enough to do with sightseeing and shopping; however, if you want to try something a little bit different and come back home having learnt something then there are plenty of courses available in Bangkok.

Thai Cooking classes in Bangkok

Thai food is delicious yet surprisingly simple to make. There are several cooking schools and even restaurants offering Thai cooking classes than can last anywhere from a day to a week. These courses often combine theoretical and practical elements so you you’ll be told what to look for in good ingredients before going out to buy them from the market. You’ll also be supervised while making your own Thai food. Prices for a single day start from 2000 Baht and can be as much as 6000 if your cooking instructor is a top chef in Bangkok.

Thai massage classes in Bangkok

Regardless of whether or not you’re interested in learning Thai massage you should definitely try receiving a Thai massage at least once. Thai massages are quite deep and involve stretching and deep pressure on the muscles to increase the blood flow throughout the body. If you’re interested in learning Thai massage the place to go in Bangkok is Wat Po which has been a massage school for decades now and receives new students every Monday. Courses last a week to ten days and at the end you’ll receive a certificate. If you really want to get into learning massage then you can also pursue various other forms of massage such as foot massage and oil massage.

Meditation classes in Bangkok

There are several places in Bangkok offering courses in meditation; however, perhaps the most well known is Wat Mahathat where the Vipassana technique of meditation is taught.  At Wat Mahathat there are English speaking Buddhist monks available to help instruct you in meditation techniques. Anyone is free to go along for a day although a course is typically eight days long.

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