Hazyview South Africa

Planning to visit Hazyview South Africa? Learn more about the South African town Hazyview located in the Mpumalanga province…

The beautiful town of Hazyview in South Africa is strategically established a few kilometers past the outskirts of the Kruger National Park. It is a wonderful game reserve and frequented by tourists and locals at all times of the year. The town of Hazyview gets its name from the summer haze that covers the region. The low bush land has hot summers, which results in a foggy environment. It is basically a farming town and the most famous industry here is the banana manufacturing industry. The region has the best  year round climate and therefore covered with lush plantations that thrive in the tropics. The picturesque town bustles with lots to do and its inhabitants keep very busy as well.

There are many private game reserves in the province of Mpumalanga’s and majority of the game lodges are located towards the east of Hazyview. There are amazing vistas that are memorable and found across the city. Hazyview has a lot of wonderful vacation experiences to offer. There are many destinations that can be enjoyed and vacation goers who visit the city are especially fond of the Shangana Cultural Village, which is quite a site to see in this region.

Purchase many curios and consume goodies at this location and delight in the educational nature of the visit. Hot air ballooning is also a very popular activity and thrilling views are an outstanding sight from high above the town. The hiking trails and opportunity for game viewing across the valley make for a memorable and exciting experience. The city has many delightful eateries and restaurants. Even with such a lot of activity to offer, accommodation in the bustling city of Hazyview is surprisingly easy to acquire. Fabulous hotels, remarkable bed-and-breakfast establishments and guest houses are available to suit the requirement of different clients.

The tranquil beauty is a must visit for globetrotters to enjoy different vistas across the city and its surroundings. Visit the Blyde River Canyon Game Reserve and take in the amazing mountain scenery. The spectacular views across the Panorama Route are named for the sights they offer reflecting the magnitude of the scenery captured at Wonder View or God’s Window.

The game reserve of Gustav Klingbiel is one of the most beautiful and natural locations in the world. The entire reserve is spread out over 2200 hectares and the Klipgatspruit River divides the mountainous region to form a deep valley. The famous Kruger National Park is South Africa’s largest game reserve and bigger than the country of Israel in size. It ranks as the topmost visited site because it offers an ineffable experience of life in the wild. There are different day trips available with guides that can be enjoyed at the Kruger National Park and its two million hectares of land.

Another location worth visiting is the Perry’s Bridge Reptile Park. It can be accessed very easily from the Kruger National Park. Different amazing species of reptiles include the reticulated pythons, anacondas and the black cobras, among others. For a visit to the private game reserve, the 65,000 hectare Sabi Sands Game Reserve is an amazing experience because it is bordered by the Kruger National Park. There are no fences between the two and this makes it an amazing experience as you continue on the journey from one part of the park into the private game reserve.

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