Chinese Lotus Flower Lantern

Interested in the Chinese lotus flower lantern? Find out about this unique cultural craftwork of China in our information guide.

The lotus and the lantern are two prominent symbols of the Chinese culture. The lotus is closely associated with the Buddhist dharma and is taken as a symbolic representation of purity. The Chinese lantern on the other hand has its own long history behind it. In general the lantern is supposed to symbolize good fortune. The Chinese lotus flower lantern is a craftwork item that combines the use of these two Chinese cultural symbols to produce a unique work of art.

Construction of the lotus lantern

Traditionally the Chinese would make use of real shells to make the lotus lanterns. They would arrange them in such a way so as to give them the shape of the lotus flower. The shells would then be artistically painted to give them unique different looks.

The most commonly used materials for making lotus flower lanterns is capiz shells. Today however you will be able to find a host of different kinds of lotus flower lanterns. Some will be in the form of a candle whereas others will incorporate the use of an actual bulb.

Thus the Chinese lotus lantern became an amazing artifact item that could liven up any interior space. They were highly creative in terms of their design and aesthetic appeal but that was not the only reason why the Chinese would hang them up in their homes.

Use of the lotus lantern

As mentioned above the lotus and the lantern have great cultural significance in the eyes of the Chinese people. Hence this creation was a powerful symbolic item that was believed to harbor good fortune, longevity and purity. Thus the Chinese people would adorn their houses with these beautiful traditional craftwork items throughout the year.

There were certain times of the year and certain special occasions during which the use of Chinese lotus lanterns was more common. The annual lantern festival held on the 15th day of the Chinese New Year is one of the occasions on which you will be able to see hoards of Chinese lotus flower lanterns. This tradition has been kept alive even today after so many years. In fact lotus flower lanterns have become far more popular today than they ever were before.

Other occasions in which you will find the Chinese to be making use of lotus flower lanterns is on special events like weddings, birthdays and anniversaries. The Chinese would consider the lotus flower lantern to be a great gift item to be given to friends and family to show that you care.

Symbolism of the lotus flower lantern

The innate symbolism of the lotus flower and its relationship with Buddhism is what lends this creation its mystique. In Buddhism the purple lotus is a potent symbol of the eightfold path described by Buddha as the path that takes one towards self realization. The white lotus on the other hand represents spiritual and mental purity.

The Chinese lotus flower lantern in its many manifestations makes an excellent table center piece and can be used around the house to accent the home décor.

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