Things to do in Surat Thani Thailand

Are you going on holiday to Thailand? Perhaps you will be passing through Surat Thani in which case you’ll want to read about what there is to do.

Surat Thani is a middle sized town in Thailand approximately 400 miles south of Bangkok.  Although once a popular regional city during the 9th and 10th centuries, Surat Thani today is of considerable less importance are rarely visited by foreigners. The majorities of foreigners who do come to Surat Thani are usually on their way to the popular tourist island of Koh Samui and are simply in Surat Thani because this is the closest point on mainland Thailand to the Islands.  Nevertheless there are a few noteworthy attractions that may persuade some foreign tourists to place Surat Thani on their itinerary of places in Thiland to visit.

Monkey training College in Surat Thani

Surat Thani is mainly an agricultural town producing various types of fruit and oysters. Monkeys have traditionally been used in Surat Thani and the surrounding agricultural regions of south Thailand to help in the harvest of coconuts.  Because the coconut trees in the South of Thailand are usually high monkeys are used to climb up them, break of the coconuts from the trees and throw them into a basket on the ground. As if this weren’t clever enough, the monkeys at the training college are also taught to distinguish between ripe coconuts and those that are rotten.  The Monkey Training College in Surat Thani is open daily from 9am until 6pm and there are several shows throughout the day which cost 300 Baht to watch.

 Visiting Suan Mokkhabalarama near Surat Thani

Suan Mokkha is a famous Buddhist meditation retreat located a short way outside of Surat Thani. This meditation retreat is among the best to attend in all of Thailand if you’re a foreigner because the monks there are able to instruct and guide in fluent English. Founded in 1932 by the famous Buddhist monk Ajarn Buddhadasa, this meditative retreat offers 10 day courses in meditation amidst idyllic and peaceful forested surroundings. If 10 days sounds a bit too much for you, visitors are also welcome on day trips to wander quietly around the jungle paths surrounding the retreat.

Visiting Khao Sak National Park from Surat Thani

Khao Sak National Park is one of the best and largest in Thailand and is most easily accessible from either Surat Thani or Phuket. If you’re visiting the national park from Surat Thani it’s simple a matter of driving along the main highway for a couple of hours before reaching the park headquarters. Aside from the fantastic jungle landscape this is one of the best places to spot rare wild animals as well as do some bird watching.

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