Italian Charm Bracelets

If you are looking for a bracelet that doesn’t dangle and looks great on the hand then the Italian charm bracelets are the best you have on offer. Find out what makes Italian charm bracelets as charming as they are.

There are many fashion accessories that are used to compliment one’s sense of aesthetics. Such items seek to add to the look of ones attire. Although there are many such items floating in the market today a particular trend that began causing ripples in the fashion industry in the 1990’s was that of Italian charms bracelets. This unique trend first started flourishing in the streets of Italy but a couple of years after its release into the international market Italian charm bracelets became the hottest world wide trend. The popularity of Italian charm bracelets is soaring more than ever in today’s style conscious times.

The concept of bracelets is not a new one. So one may wonder why these Italian creations caused such a craze amongst the people. Well, this is because Italian charm bracelets are very different from the traditional bracelets that we are all used to seeing. They are made out of flat Italian link charms that are linked together to form the bracelets. The difference is that unlike the traditional bracelets that used to dangle these Italian bracelets remain stiff and do not dangle because of the use of the flat links. Hence we find the look and feel of the Italian charm bracelets to be quite different from the traditional ones.

Traditionally these charm bracelets were made using stainless steel on the one hand and 18k gold on the other. The bracelets made from these materials are the high end ones and even today we find them to be quite steeply priced. On the other hand if you are looking for an Italian charm bracelet that is not that expensive then you can go for one of the other materials like silver or stainless steel Italian charm bracelets. This way you will have the pleasure of owning an Italian charm bracelet even if you don’t have a lot of money to spend on buying one.

The Charm of Charms

In the beginning Italian charm bracelets were made of solid flat links and hardly featured any design. Today however you have a wide range of themed link charms ranging from names, to logos and even pictures. This has broadened the appeal of Italian charm bracelets because now it reaches out to a wide variety of age groups ranging from small children to mature adults. The thematic bracelets have become very common these days and are also not very expensive. It is however advised for the person looking to by an Italian charm bracelet to check out the metal that the bracelet has been made out of because some metals tend to have allergic reactions on certain people.

Unlike the normal dangling bracelets the Italian charm bracelets are very comfortable to wear because the flat links make them very sturdy. You can rest assured an Italian bracelet is not going to get stuck in your clothes or some other things. The fact that the links on the Italian charm bracelets can be interchanged and customized according to the wearers moods and preferences add to their value.

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