Using ATM Cash Machines in Thailand

If you’re going on holiday to Thailand you’ll want to know how to get your money out of the ATM without it being frozen.

ATM Cash Machines in Thailand

ATM cash machines can be found all over Thailand from major cities to relatively small towns, so gaining access to your money should never be a problem, unless you are in a particularly rural area. In order to see if your ATM cash card will work in Thailand look for the Cirrus or Plus logo on the back of your card as these are the two networks that are covered in Thailand. There are about 5 or 6 major Thai banks that provide ATM facilities including: Bangkok Bank, Siam Commercial bank, Bank of Ayudha and the Farmers Bank. Getting cash from the ATM in Thailand is almost exactly the same as accessing your money in any other country with the exception that the default screen will usually be written in Thai, although there will be a small sign directing you to the English language service.

ATM Cash Machine Fees in Thailand

ATM fees vary depending on a few factors. It is possible that the Thai bank may charge a small fee for using their machine although it is in fact far more likely that you’ll be charged by your own bank for using the ATM card in another country. Charges depend on your bank and can either be a percentage or the amount withdrawn or simply a standard fee. It’s worth finding out how you’ll be charged before you travel as if your bank charges a standard fee per withdrawal it makes more sense to take out larger sums of money from the ATM in Thailand.

Credit Cards and ATM Cash machines in Thailand

ATM machines in Thailand also enable you to take money out using your credit card. While this is a convenient resource should you find yourself in a tight spot it’s probably not a good idea to rely on this as charges tend to be higher plus you run the risk of high interest rates if you aren’t back home in time to make the payment.

ATM and security Issues in Thailand

Unfortunately there is a lot of financial fraud in Thailand which makes many banks extra cautious when it comes to withdrawals. It is definitely a good idea to inform your bank that you’ll be traveling and using your ATM in Thailand before you leave your country. Otherwise you run the risk of your bank disabling your ATM card just in case your card has been stolen. Also some people have had their cards frozen after making two withdrawals one after the other because the bank may deem this as suspicious and irregular activity.

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