Miami Indian Artifacts

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The name Miami Indians may mislead some residents of the United States to believe that the reference is to Indians in the Floridian city of Miami; however, the Miami Indians are actually entirely separate from the city. The Miami Indians are a distinct tribe of Indians whose population has spread across the United States. The Miami originally lived in the modern states of Indiana, Michigan and Ohio. In 1826, however, the lives of the Miami were altered as a treaty was signed which gave the land to the American government. Under these circumstances the Miami were still allowed to live on the land that now was American property. In 1846 the situation for the Miami would worsen as the tribe was forced to move westward to Oklahoma and the new Indian Territory. Not all of the Miami left the region; members of the tribe who owned private property were allowed to stay.

The Miami as a tribe participated in a hunter and gather society and over time began to establish an agricultural base. It is also of note the Miami Indians are comprised of six sub nations, each of which has their own distinct traditions. The Miami and their history are also important to American history as interestingly during the revolution the tribe fought alongside the British in the hopes of defending their right to the area west of the Appalachians.

Weapons and Tools

Weapons and tools of the Miami Indians are interesting artifacts to study. The Miami used bow and arrows as well as tomahawks and spears in not only their lives as hunters but also in times of warfare. Another type of artifact that has been found is the shields used by the tribe in war time which were constructed of buffalo hide and able to deflect enemy spears. The spear points that have been discovered are typically made of stone. It has also been noted that spear points are commonly discovered with sharpening stones which were used to maintain the weapon. The arrowhead artifacts are also commonly made of stone that has been sharpened and shaped.

Cultural Artifacts

The artifacts affiliated with the Miami also offer cultural significance. Based on the hierarchy of the Miami culture it is believed that the more decorated artifacts likely belonged to the chief of the tribe. These artifacts indicate that the Miami chiefs were not only highly decorated but also deeply respected. It has also been learned in part through artifacts that the Miami people dug out trees to use as canoes for travel. It is common for beadwork and embroidery to be seen on artifacts; the Miami often used shell beads in the art which they acquired from the Iroquois in exchange for buffalo hides. Also, although the artifacts are more modern the Miami dolls made of corn husks also offer cultural insight.

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