Hiking Routes: French Alps & South of France

Do you want to go hiking in the French Alps? Have you planned your next holiday in the south of France and want to know about hiking trails? Here we’ve included useful facts & information about hiking in France.

France is one of the premier destinations for hiking in Europe. With more than 100,000 km of specifically designated hiking trails, in addition to increasing awareness about the environmental impact of long distance holidays, more and more people in France and Western Europe are considering walking holidays in France as an eco-friendly alternative.

Hiking in the French Alps and the popular tourist destinations in the south of France where the weather is warmest are becoming particular popular destinations for hiking enthusiasts, both domestic and foreign.

Long distance Hiking Trails in France

France has several long distance hiking routes that span hundreds of kilometers. The hiking trails are scattered around France, from the Eastern Alpine regions of France to the south of France to the French Alps and other mountains in France.

These hiking paths are assigned alphanumeric codes that begin in GR. The actual trails are painted with red and white markings. These hiking trails take several weeks to complete; however, there is no reason why you can’t choose a section of the trail to go hiking on that will suit your time constraints.

Medium Distance Hiking Routes in France

Medium distance hiking trails in France are especially designed to allow hikers to become intensely familiar with one particular region of France. Most of these hiking trails, including the ones in the French Alps,  follow circular paths so you finish in the same place you started.

These hiking trails are ideal if you want to spend a few days hiking but you are based in a particular area in France where you want to return to.  These hiking trails in France can take anywhere from a few days to over a week to complete.

Hiking Day Trips in France

For those people who don’t have the time or the inclination to spend several nights under the stars, there are plenty of short hiking trails that take no more than a day to complete. These hiking trails in France are given the prefix PR and the trails are signified with yellow markings.

The hiking trails in France are also circular. There are plenty of these hiking trails in the French Alps at lower altitudes which become especially popular during the summer and other school holidays in France.

Organized Hiking Tours in France

It is relatively easy to find tour operators that organize hiking tours in France. The easiest way to find one is to ask at your local hotel in France or the tourist office. In addition to pointing out the route you should follow, the operator will transport your bags to the hotel you’ll be staying at each night, allowing you to go hiking without having to lug around a heavy load.

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