Business Opportunities in Brazil

Brazil has bags of business potential. Viewed as one of the most up-and-coming economies in the world, business opportunities are now rife. So looking to invest or set-up a Business in the land of the Bossa Nova? Get some background information here.

With well-developed agricultural, mining, manufacturing, and service industries, Brazil is the land for business opportunities. Brazil has been expanding into world markets and now export several products, including airplanes, vehicles, coffee, and more. The fact is Brazil has plenty of business opportunities for those wishing to expand into the Brazilian market.

With many of the new business opportunities available, Brazil is seeing an increase in several areas, such as services. By trying to reduce their dependence on imported oil, Brazil has headed toward the top in producing hydroelectric power and instead of importing 70% of their oil, they now only import 33% of their oil. Their existing hydroelectric power supplies the nation with 92% of their electricity used. This project that has been undertaken has created a variety of business opportunities and jobs for its countrymen.

There have also been increases in other types of service, as well. Telecommunication business opportunities are also on the rise in Brazil. Whether it is cell phones or internet communications, Brazil is undergoing a growth that can only be capitalized on. These types of business opportunities are everywhere, as well as manufacturing opportunities. Almost a third of Brazil’s GDP is accounted for with the manufacturing of automobiles, computers, aircraft, and other durable goods.

Business opportunities of all kinds are available in Brazil. Franchises, such as McDonalds have taken advantage of the more than fifty million people living in the densely packed cities. Other franchises would also do well and the business opportunities in such a largely populated country are there if one is to put some thought into what Brazilians would purchase. Revenues in the franchise area of business opportunities grew 13% in 2005 and according to the research by the Brazilian Franchising Association; the revenues equaled $16.3 billion in US dollars. This type of growth is forthcoming and the franchise industry actually created 22,000 new jobs and they currently employ over 553,000 Brazilians.

If one is looking to expand themselves in the business world, they simply need to take a look at Brazil. The fact is Brazil offers many different types of opportunities for one, whether it may be in telecommunications or in the franchising industry. With such a beautiful country and a beautiful people, it is no wonder that many wish to be part of the Brazilian world. The business opportunities are there-you just have to open your eyes and look around.

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