Walibi Belgium

Want to know about Walibi Belgium? Find out about Belgium’s most well renowned theme park and what it has to offer.

Walibi is the name of one of the biggest theme parks in Belgium. It used to be known as the Walibi Wavre in the days gone by and the theme park has changed ownership quite a few times since its inception. Today the park is operated under the regulation of CDA Parks.

The foundations of this massive park were laid down back in 1975 by a man named Eddy Meeus. Initially it was being run as a water ski resort. Over the course of time the theme park has been developed to become the largest and most attractive theme park in Belgium.

Major attractions at Walibi Belgium

Today it consists of over fifty world class rides that offer many thrills and spills to tourists. One of the most unique rides is the wooden roller coaster which offers big challenges to adventure seekers.

The theme park has different areas specifically designed for people of different age groups. The Walibi follies for example is a particular location designated for children. It has been given a magical ambiance with over fifteen fun filled rides for young visitors.

The owners of Walibi proudly say that this theme park is not one to be visited by the fainthearted. With over seven different kinds of roller coaster rides you need to be prepared for the time of your life.

The Werewolf Turbine is an original ride offering full speed action to the visitors. The Dalton terror is another ride that offers you action up high in the air. The stomach churning Cobra takes you on breathtaking drops whereas the Screamer will get you screaming as it takes you on a high speed journey. Other exciting rides at the Walibi theme park are the Vampire, Coccinelle and the Calamity Mine.

Along with the many different rides on the land you have the opportunity to engage in some water sporting activities. The wild water of Aqualibi, the designated water sports area offers many thrilling sporting activities as well as chances to take a dip in the cool waters of Aqualibi.

There is lots of fun for everyone at the Walibi theme park. You can have an excellent family time visiting specially designed areas like the Genies Palace, the French Cancan, the Octopus along with breathtaking views from the many different vantage spots around the park.

Getting tickets to the Walibi theme park

With so many world class innovative attractions the Walibi theme park serves as a major tourist magnet for the country of Belgium. Anyone making a visit to the country is bound to take a trip to this majestic theme park.

If you are looking to make your way to the Walibi theme park then it is advised that you check ahead for the timings of special events like the firework displays. You can book your tickets online in advance through the theme park’s official website.

The tickets are available in different formats ranging from a day to a week’s pass. The rates for children and adults also vary and the particular season in which you visit the theme park also has an influence on the rates for the tickets.

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