Brown Turkey Fig

Want to grow Brown Turkey Fig? Learn how to grow the delicious fruit commonly known as the Brown Turkey Fig…

Figs are often considered the fruit of heaven and the Brown Turkey fig bears testimony to this fact with its flavor. It has the longest ripening season of any fruit that falls in this category and is botanically known as Ficus carica.

Specifications of the Brown Turkey Fig

This medium to large sized fig has the typical reddish-brown skin of figs with a slight tinge of purple. The fruit inside is of very good quality and has a red and pinkish coloring.

It is a perennial plant. No need to plant it every year because it will last and grow on an annual basis year after year. This saves a lot of time and energy in growing and harvesting this crop, making it a staple part of avid gardeners’ collections around the world.

Coastal areas that offer humidity and warmth allow you to grow the Brown Turkey fig plants very easily. The most unique thing about this fruit is that the edible part of this fruit is the stem tissue. It is actually an inverted flower where both the female and male parts of the flower are fused inside the stem tissue.
The small gritty pieces inside are called seeds but they’re actually undeveloped ovaries and give off the resin-based flavor by which figs are identified.

Cultivation and Soil Requirements for the Brown Turkey Figs

These plants require a very sunny area in order to maximize the production of fruit and produce a good yield. Plant them in an area which has a lot of sun throughout the day. Control disease by ensuring that the plants get the early morning sun, which can completely dry the morning mildew present on the leaves.

Make sure you take drainage into consideration because it is very important not to tolerate standing water which will suffocate the roots. This will lead to the death of the tree because of insufficient oxygen.

The Brown Turkey fig is also known as the Texas Everbearing since it is available profusely in the East of Texas. The trees normally grow into very large and vigorously productive plants. The first crop ripens in May and is followed by the main crop ripening in late June all the way through late August.

The fruit does not sour on the tree because it has a plump and short stem which is moderately closed at the end. It has very few seeds and a very light sweet flavor. The early crop which ripens in May is quite large and grows up to 2 inches in diameter.

Advantages of the Brown Turkey Fig

The Brown Turkey fig cannot stand cold but is one of the figs which has a very long ripening season and can yield a large amount of crop year after year. It does crack frequently in wet weather and does not like frostbite however you can see it starting to yield by late spring and early summer.

The slightly sweet fig is perfect for cooking up recipes at home for different preserves for the family to enjoy. The reason why this crop is appreciated by avid gardeners is because it is low maintenance and produces a very plentiful crop based upon the effort that goes into cultivating it.

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