Caravan Sites Marmaris Turkey

Want to locate Caravan Sites in Marmaris Turkey? Discover the different Caravan Sites in Marmaris Turkey and enjoy the lovely coastline and friendly people…

The resort city of Marmaris is nestled in pine laden hills. It features an extravagant lifestyle and beautiful resorts, which combine culture as well as luxury in one package. Scenic routes through different villages which provide you access to ancient ruins and pristine beaches. These Caravan sites near Marmaris Turkey have become vacation goers favorite spots.

The long summer-like weather from May through October allows you to enjoy the fresh foods and local cuisine in the pleasant luxury this resort town offers. The cultural diversity of this border town that straddles both the East and West of Europe and partakes of influences from the Orient is truly amazing. The cultural influences in Turkey include that of the Roman and Persian empires along with the Ottoman and Byzantine empires making it a melting pot of ancient cultures which exists up to today.

When you venture out to discover caravan sites in Marmaris Turkey you will be amazed at the diversity offered by beautiful ruins such as Pheusus, which was considered the jewel in the crown of the Eastern Roman Empire. This outstanding archaeological site must be seen to be believed, it cannot be described by anyone as words fail to match up to its glory. As you wander through the city you will spot the houses and different buildings in which the people resided you will be guaranteed to be truly amazed at their structural magnificence.

A four hour bus ride will get you to the Virgin Mary’s house, which is an awe-inspiring location even today.

Another interesting location in Marmaris is Pamukkale which offers you natural beauty along with its ancient ruins. You can take a caravan trip for three hours from Marmaris and spend the night there to enjoy the peaceful environment during early-morning and late evening.

Enjoy the beautiful natural springs with hot mineral water that runs through the ancient city of Heiropolis and ends in a cascading waterfall over a cliff. These waters have high mineral content and 20 resorts have been built around these thermal pools.

Many visitors enjoy bathing in them and truly believe that they can cure physical ailments of the skin and joints. You can enjoy a beautiful bath in the great outdoors and take in the views of the stunning valley below. This ancient city was ravaged by at least four earthquakes at different historic intervals and was abandoned eventually.

A large number of glorious temples were created in this town. The most stunning discovery of recent times was the discovery of the Plutonium in close proximity to the Temple of Apollo. The well preserved ruins include the Roman bath and the grand Theater.

Wandering around the Roman bath you will feel like you are in ancient times and roaming around the private quarters of the Emperor. Most of these rooms now house interesting artifacts dating from those times.

The walls of the city are well preserved up till today and lead to the ancient burial ground called the Necropolis. It is the largest mass graveyard found in Turkey and contains over 1200 tombs as well as sarcophagi. The charm of caravan sites in Marmaris Turkey does not end here and there is much more to be discovered!

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