India Eisley

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India Eisley was born on October 29th of 1993. She was born in Salt Lake City, Utah in the United States. India Eisley is an American citizen and her acting career is primarily based out of the United States. India Eisley is the daughter of singer/actor David Glen Eisley and actress Olivia Hussey. Interestingly, India Eisley has acted with her mother as she appeared with her mother Olivia Hussey in the movie Head Space in 2005. India Eisley is the half sister of Alexander Martin.

India Eisley’s agent is Todd Justice who works for the acting firm Marshak/Zachary Co. Her manager is affiliated with Frozen Flame Entertainment. India Eisley is five feet and three inches in height and her weight is around 115 pounds. She has green eyes and naturally brown, long hair. India Eisley is Caucasian and her astrological star sign is Scorpio.

Acting Career

India Eisley has garnered much of her fame from her role as Ashley Juergens on the television show The Secret Life of the American Teenager. Her acting career did not begin with as much fanfare; India Eisley began her career with small roles in independent short films based in Europe. Her current role as Ashley Juergens sees India Eisley play a 14 year old, grade nine student. Her character, Ashley, is described as mature, observant and sarcastic.

India’s character, Ashley, often appears forgotten by her family but her character remains steadfast in her goal of keeping her family together. Her character has a reduced role in the family aspect of the show but she remains a critical character to the series. The television show, The Secret Life of the American Teenager, is a show that focuses on the relationships between families and friends and chronicles how the Juergen family copes with the unexpected pregnancy of Ashley’s sister. Ashley Juergens learns as the show progresses that other teenagers also deal with unexpected situations and she comes to better understand her world. India’s character on the show also believes that her family will come together in wake of her sister’s pregnancy and is opposed to an adoption.

Other Skills

India Eisley has not only enjoyed a successful acting career but she has also dabbled in other fields. India Eisley honed her acting skills by doing some early commercial work and also has perfected her ability to perform a British as well as a Southern American accent. India Eisley also has some experience in the modelling industry and also lists an assortment of dance skills as she has training in the dance fields of tap, ballet and modern. Her athletic talents include cycling and martial arts while she works to diversify her talents which enable her to continue her successful acting career and also allow her to remain a plausible candidate for many available roles.

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