Custom Made Box Turkey Calls

Want to buy Custom Made Box Turkey Calls? Read on to find out the different Custom Made Box Turkey Call options available from reputable manufacturers…

Custom Made Box Turkey Calls – Dixie Darlin’ Tulipwood & Mahogany

By using the Dixie Darlin’ tulipwood and mahogany custom-made box Turkey calls you can produce an absolutely perfect yelp in a double note which is quite raspy and sounds very close to the adult hen sound. This yelp can be adjusted to different volumes. You can also create other sounds using this custom-made box call.

The call’s manufacturers make this compact piece of hunting equipment a great value. It is constructed of a single piece of hundred-year-old mahogany wood, which is selected and graded very carefully. The lid is fashioned out of tulipwood from Brazil and emits wonderful yelps, cutting sounds and clucks in different pitch and tone variations. This call with its recently created, ergonomic and innovative design can be operated without any discomfort because it has been so carefully created.

Each device that you purchase from the manufacturer is hand tuned to emit perfect sounds. For decoration the Dixie Darlin’ tulipwood and mahogany custom-made box turkey call sports a laser engraved turkey wing feather and blooming dogwood on top of the lid.

This custom-made box turkey call is manufactured to a box length of 7 inches and has a 1 inch wide box space while the lid is 9″ x 1 3/4 inches. The device is finished off with an elastic strap for the silencer.

Custom Made Box Turkey Calls – Dixie Darlin’ Purple Heart

This popular custom made box turkey call produces high quality loud pitched and double note yelps with the right degree of rasping to make it sound like an adult turkey hen. The exceptional device is crafted out of hundred percent original Purple Heart wood.

It is designed in a completely unique manner with one solid piece of wood making it ergonomic and highly functional when compared to other custom-made box turkey calls.
From clucks to cutting sounds and yelping hens you can enjoy a range of different turkey gobbles. The custom design of the blooming dogwood as well as the turkey wing feather is laser engraved on top of the lid of the Purple Heart Dixie Darlin’ custom-made box turkey call.

Custom Made Box Turkey Calls – Dixie 100% Camo

This smaller sized custom-made box turkey call is crafted out of hand selected walnut wood and has been treated with one hundred percent camo.
It can emit different clucks and yelps as well as cutting sounds to mimic the raspy adult turkey hen. Finished off with a silencer elastic strap, this custom-made box called is very reasonably priced and has an 8 inch long paddle attached to the 5 3/4 inch long box which is 2 inches tall.

Push-Button Box Turkey Call

Crafted out of simple walnut wood, the pushbutton custom-made turkey box call allows you to create low-volume clucks, purrs and yelps to perfection. It can easily be attached with the Velcro strap to your gun or you can buy one with a gun mount on it. This will have clips on it so you can attach it to the bottom of the barrel of your shotgun. You can easily operate this custom made turkey box call with your trigger finger and even adjust the tone and pitch of the call with a strategically placed adjustment button.

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