Swedish Flower Varieties & Swedish Flower Pollen Extract

Swedish flower varieties and pollen grains are renowned globally due to their beauty and medicinal value respectively. Read our guide below for more facts and information…

Sweden is a naturally beautiful country with lovely natural landscapes. It has some of the most interesting varieties of flowers that are gorgeous and stunning. The common flowers of Sweden are hibiscus, mountain ash, may flower, wax plant etc. Some of the renowned Swedish flower varieties are listed here:

Twinflower (Linnea borealis)

The national flower of Sweden, the twinflower is a pink bloom and two flowers originate from one stem thus giving it the name of “twinflower”. It has creeping stems and shallow roots that grow very well in cold temperatures. It has a lovely fragrance and looks very beautiful too.

Forget-me-not (Förgätmigej)

This is the regional flower of Dalsland that is located in SW Sweden. They are small blue flowers with 5 petals and a yellow centre and they grow in a bunch.

Lily of the valley (Liljekonvalj)

This is one magnificent flower that is bell-shaped and looks almost magical. These lovely perfumed flowers are the regional flowers of Gästrikland and are found all over the forest area in Sweden. The plant is quite large, ridged and without any sheen. The flowers grow in a bunch of 10-15 flowers on the top of a stem. Each bell is white and has 6 petals that curve elegantly at the end to give a bonnet-like appearance to the bunch.

European Globe Flower (Smörboll)

These globe-shaped yellow flowers are the regional flowers of northern Medelpad. This is basically a perennial flower that belongs to the buttercup family. It has bright yellow colored sepals for providing protection to the petals of the flowers and look like a tulip.

Swedish flower pollen

Swedish flower pollen are in huge demand all over the world due to its medicinal benefits especially for men. It is said to be very effective in augmenting the virility and libido in men. Swedish flower pollens are known to develop the masculine reproductive organs and boost their sexual prowess. The scientific explanation for them being sexual enhancers is that pollen grains are rich in micronutrients, are a powerful antioxidant, helps rejuvenation of cellular system, boosts your energy and stamina and improves your body’s immunity. The pollen grains are collected with lots of precision and care to avoid any type of adulteration by the bees or chemicals so that what you get is completely unadulterated and natural. The pollen extract nutrients are water-soluble as well as fat-soluble thereby giving you an instant boost due to the water-soluble nutrients, and benefits for the organs due to the fat-soluble nutrients.

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