Information about Dalyan in Turkey

Are you visiting Dalyan in Turkey on your next holiday? Want to know what to do? Here we’ve listed some popular activities available to the tourist in Dalyan.

Dalyan is a small fishing village situated in South West Turkey. A river runs through the middle of Dalyan which provides links to many of the popular tourist destinations in the areas surrounding Dalyan. On the outskirts of Dalyan are rich green fields turning into hill slopes and mountain ranges. The weather in Dalyan is generally pleasant with especially warm and sunny summers. Fishing is a popular activity with tourists and locals in Dalyan with Bass being available in Lake Koycegiz

River cruises in Dalyan, Turkey

From the central quay located in central Dalyan one can take a river cruise to one of several interesting destinations. Tourists can buy individual tickets for scheduled river cruises although if you are travelling in a large group it may be possible to hire a boat out for the day.

Trips to Caunus from Dalyan, Turkey

The ruins of the ancient city of Caunus can be reached from Dalyan via a boat cruise along the river. Caunus dates back to around 900BC and although it has not been inhabited since 500BC many things of archaeological interest can be seen. To date excavations are still taking place in Caunus and new artefacts are regularly being discovered, although at present one can see the fascinating tombs carved out from the cliffs on the side of the river. Other remains include the city walls and theatre.

Trips to Iztuzu beach from Dalyan, Turkey

Iztuzu beach is situated approximately 5 km south of Dalyan and is accessible via boat. Iztuzu beach is beautiful and great for a swim or a sunbathe but its real uniqueness lies in the wildlife. Iztuzu beach near Dalyan is a nesting ground for a rare species of turtle and one has to be careful not to disturb these creatures while laying their eggs in the sand. Scuba diving and sailing excursions can be arranged from Dalyan.

Mud baths at Dalyan, Turkey

A popular activity among tourists visiting Dalyan is to take a mud bath on the bank of the river. The mud supposedly contains minerals such as calcium and magnesium which are beneficial for the skin and overall health. There are also hot natural water springs a little distance away from Dalyan but also accessible by boat.

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