Iran and Squidoo

We have used Squidoo to create an excellent lens to host all our Iran knowledge.

Squidoo was founded by the well known blogger Seth Godin.  In creating Squidoo, Seth Godin gave website space to anyone who has a passion about something and wishes to share their information with others.

Since Kwintessential is passionate about anything to do with other countries and cultures, then we have created a Squidoo site for Iran.
In creating our Squidoo site for Iran, Kwintessential have packed the ‘lens’ (the page which Squidoo allocates you to map out your area of knowledge or expertise – in our case this page is host to anything and everything to do with Iran) with as much information and knowledge possible relating to Iran.

The Squidoo Lens contains all the articles featured on our site in one spot.  Additionally it contains other functionalities which will appeal to anyone with a love for Iran, for example, an ‘Amazon’ feature, allowing people to select popular books relating to Iran.  Squidoo also features a travel section which allows individuals to plan trip to Iran.  The news section on the Squidoo lens gives an up to date overview of any key news and events which may be happening in Iran.

Thanks to Squidoo, you can now access all this information in the following place:
Visit our <a href=” Lens on Squidoo</a>

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