Swedish Country Interiors

Swedish country interiors consist of antique furniture with light and cheerful tones enriched by gingham fabrics, crystal chandeliers and gilt mirrors. Read our guide for more facts and information…

In the European continent, rustic homes portray distinct styles, typifying the tradition of its various nations such as Switzerland, France and Sweden. The Gustavian style prevalent in the eighteenth century was inspired by the Versailles court of Louis XVI, a neo-classical style adopted into Swedish country interiors. Blue, gray and green are the decorating colors characteristic of this style. Later, in the nineteenth century, Swedish country homes were inspired by Karin & Carl Larsson’s log home, which brought in Swedish folk art. They used hand-woven fabrics and embroidered textiles, and such handmade furnishings are used for Swedish country décor, even to this day.

Simplistic style of Swedish country homes

Swedish country homes have simple interiors with light and pleasant colors, smooth lines and ensure spacious rooms. Due to long and dark winters in Sweden, the interiors are designed to allow maximum light and warmth. Therefore, fireplaces and stoves are always present along with candles, chandeliers and table lamps. Wall sconces are another feature of these country homes. Windows are decorated with muslin curtains and brightness is enhanced by using mirrors attached with candle holders, allowing adequate light reflection.

Blended with nature

Apart from Gustavian colors, Swedish country interiors include white, light pink, pale yellow and cream colors, with chalky and powdery tints rather than bright shades. Deeper accents such as gold, red, green and ochre are also used. Much of the furniture in Swedish country homes are made of blond wood such as birch, beech, alder and white pine. They are also used on floors and walls with the natural texture or at times, bleached or coated with light paints.

During spring, the interiors are further decorated with fresh flowers of vivid colors along with pebbles and shells to bring in more of nature. With doors and windows thrown open, the season invites nature into the country interiors.

Beauty and comfort of Swedish country interiors

Furniture used in Swedish country homes are decorated in country style, showing straight lines and at times smooth curves. Carved accents are not as common, and the wooden sofas with straight backs have a chest for storage. The cushions and soft furnishings are made of textured fabrics which may be plain or have striped, checked or floral patterns.

The furniture and wallpapers are decorated with ornamental flowers, heart motifs and ribbon patterns that are stenciled on the surface. Various shapes such as circular, elliptical and rhombus are also used in the interiors decors. Tables are set with beautiful glass, silver and china wares, with plain colors or floral patterns.

The floors are kept warm using rugs with striped patterns while the sofas have woolen blankets. Tall Stoves made of glazed porcelain are characteristic of Sweden and add beauty to the interiors. The soothing interiors of Swedish country homes have found their way into modern homes worldwide, to revitalize the frenetic life of the technological era.

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