Swedish Embroidery Patterns & Designs

The Swedes are fond of decorating their homes, especially using their traditional Swedish embroidery patterns & designs. Huck embroidery is a traditional Swedish design that can also be called Swedish pattern weaving or needle weaving…

This type of embroidery is unique, in that it does not allow you to pierce the material you are working on.  The thread will not be pushed through the fabric in other words, keeping the backside of the piece of cloth free of any cotton.  Huck embroidery is said to strengthen the fabric rather than weakening it, as so many other types of needlework tend to do.  It started hundreds of years ago in most Nordic and Slavic countries, as a past time for women in those long and cold winter months.  The craft was mainly used on dish towelling and tablecloths.

With a renewed interest today in applying the more traditional Swedish embroidery styles by many needle crafters, all kinds of old patterns and designs are surfacing from attics and basements in Sweden and around the world.

A timeless and unique technique

Most of the fabric used for Swedish embroidery is even-weave fabrics such as linen or monk’s cloth. Huck weaving is most popular amongst weavers as the threads of the chosen material are pulled out in either a vertical or a horizontal direction, according to a pre-determined pattern.  The raised threads will then be the grid through which yarn or other thread can be woven.  One can see that this technique of creating a grid for the patterns is very special.  A crafter will simply slide the needle over and under the raised stitches creating the desired pattern.
There are also patterns called “floats” which are usually used on other types of fabric and do not have to be raised on the material.  The only requirement in using such a pattern would be for the fabric to be extra even.

It is all in a stitch

There are several traditional stitches one can use in Swedish embroidery designs and all are easy to do.  The completed design is made up by working the pattern one full row at a time.  There are straight stitches, darning stitches, skip stitches, zigzag straight stitches and loop stitches.  Combined they make a wonderful repeat pattern which can be quickly mastered.
Where can one find these amazing patterns and designs?

Fortunately, there are a myriad of online stores that sell traditional Swedish embroidery patterns & designs. These designs are colourful and most appealing on any even-weaved material.  You are able to make blankets, throws, rugs, bedding and even customize drab looking pants and jackets into wonderful works of art.

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