Moving Turkey Decoys

Want to buy moving turkey decoys? Read on for facts and info on the effectiveness of a moving turkey decoy and the different types available on the market…

Hunting turkeys requires a lot of patience. A hunter may be required to sit in one position for hours until a gobbler walks into range. One of the essential pieces of hunting equipment that can help attract the bird into your range is a turkey decoy. Although there are many different kinds of turkey decoys available on the internet, specially designed moving turkey decoys are by far the most effective.

Moving turkey decoys are not only shaped like real turkeys but they also make similar movements which attracts fellow turkeys. When coupled with a turkey call which you can get elsewhere, the combination makes for an excellent way to speed up the hunting process and lure birds into your kill zone.

Even within the moving turkey decoy category there are a number of different varieties. Among the popular ones is the big boss moving turkey decoy. This product features a hollow urethane construction with the moving parts such as the tail and the head made out of plastic. Great attention to detail has been paid to make the decoy appear as real as possible.

A unique mechanism found in the moving turkey decoy enables you to make it lift its head and tail by pulling strings from a distance. In order to give the decoy a lifelike appearance the head is cast out of a real freeze turkey head. The full-size body has been made using high-density foam which makes it tough and durable yet it is lightweight and easy to transport.

The decoy is accompanied with two steel poles which help to prop it in place. Also included in the pack is a plastic silkscreen printed tail and extra wire frame that allows you to make the tail work. When put together this moving turkey decoy resembles a fully mature 25 pound Turkey.

Turkey Decoy System

This kind of turkey decoy system makes 180° rotations along with feeding motions. The unique thing about this moving Turkey decoy system is that it does not require any electronics to function. The controlled decoy motion allows the hunter to attract more birds into his shooting range. This particular system can be used by hunters that make use of archery equipment as well as those who make use of guns. It has been observed that moving Turkey decoy systems are far more effective than any other form of turkey calls.

One of the major problems that hunters face is the hang up problem. However the intelligent design of this moving turkey decoy system overcomes that problem. A hang up occurs when a gobbler is unable to sight the decoy or realizes something fishy is going on. As a result it just freezes in its position. However the moving motion of this particular turkey decoy eliminates all possibilities of a hang up because it fools the gobblers into believing that it is indeed a real life turkey.

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