English Spanish Dictionary Body Parts

Want an English Spanish dictionary for body parts? Read ahead to find out different online English Spanish dictionary for body parts…

If you’re interested in picking up Spanish vocabulary it is a good idea to get an English-Spanish dictionary for body parts whether online or in a printed form to facilitate your learning of the language. Spanish is one of the fastest growing languages in the world. Today there are wonderful dictionaries and booklets available covering a plethora of subjects to help you learn fast and well.

Electronic English Spanish Dictionary for Body Parts

These are available online in different forms. You can easily obtain a dictionary with translations from English to Spanish that includes the grammatical rules. Besides that, the English Spanish dictionary for body parts can be complemented with visual aids like images of the body parts and their names.

However, if you do not know how to pronounce most of the Spanish words then you can use an English Spanish dictionary for body parts online which has audio support.

This allows you to pick up the exact pronunciation and accents of the words. Additionally you can get full sentence structures and their audio online.

Printed English Spanish Dictionary for Body Parts

However, if you are not very tech savvy and do not have access to a computer you can use the basic printed English Spanish dictionary for body parts. This will also include visual aids to show you each body part and its corresponding name in English as well as Spanish.

Other than that there are many cassettes and CDs for the Spanish language which you can plug into your cassette player or CD player to learn different words and enhance your English Spanish vocabulary.

Common Terms for Body Parts in the Spanish Language

If you were to refer to your arm or arms you would utilize the Spanish words of el brazo for a single arm and los brazos for both arms. Similarly the elbow will be called el codo and both the elbows will be referred to as los codos. Los translates into ‘the’ in English. The head is referred to as la cabeza in Spanish while the neck is el cuello.

Speaking of the toe, the English Spanish dictionary for body parts refers to it as el dedo del pie whereas a set of toes is referred to as los dedo del pie.

The shoulder is pointed out as le hombro while both shoulders which may be measured for a suit or shirt will be called los hombros or the shoulders. The human hand is known as la mano in Spanish while both hands are called las manos.

For the crowning glory or your hair, use the term el pelo while the feet become los pies and a single foot is referred to as el pie. Your leg will be called la pierna while both legs are las piernas. The knee in Spanish is la rodilla and both will be called las rodillas.

If you want to describe the face then refer to your eye as ojo and the nose as nariz and lip as lip. Glowing skin on the face is piel while the chin is called mejilla and the ear is oreja.

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