Oklahoma Turkey Shoots

Interested in Oklahoma Turkey Shoots? Find out where you can participate in exciting Oklahoma Turkey Shoots…

Oklahoma Turkey shoots offer very exciting events for those fond of shooting. Although there are no regulations which apply to shooting houses in Oklahoma there are certain basic guidelines that you need to be aware of if you want to indulge in Oklahoma turkey shoots.

Safety Rules in Oklahoma Turkey Shoots

Shooting houses have one basic rule which is not to walk in front of the shooting line ever. It is a good idea to shout a query for an all clear and wait for the response which is either yes or no because you do not want to be walking in front of a loaded gun. Someone might be taking aim and not respond to you so it’s not a good idea to walk in front of the shooting line.

Also you must have at least two target runners. Also a shooter who has fired off his gun should always move back in order to make it clear that he’s no longer going to be aiming for the target.

In order to ensure that you can keep track of the number of shots issued to people there should be just one person in charge of handing out the shells. In this way the person can also control the time at which the shell is handed out, which would obviously be after the target runner has returned behind the shooting line in order to prevent any accidents.

For added safety it is always a good idea for the person in charge of issuing the shells to actually load the guns for the shooter. This will prevent the shooter from putting in additional shells in their guns and thereby increasing the risk of random accidents.

General rules also apply to the length of the guns and differ from shooting house to shooting house. However for the guns which have choke limits there is always a gauge so that all guns are considered legal. The guns should be similar to the ones which locals use.

Traditional Oklahoma turkey shoots are equipped with counters which are normally 4 feet high and 3 feet from front to back which allow you to stand inside when you’re shooting. Most shooters complain that the width is too small and uncomfortable. The cards or board utilized as targets are normally staggered to place them at different heights and can be found both indoors and outdoors.

The target holders are generally slotted metal racks and are welded to the support structure at one end of which the targets are pushed in. You can have different kinds of Oklahoma turkey shoots if the range is equipped with portable target holders which are mobile and add an interesting element to the shoot. The shots are normally judged by the marks on the card and if the judge is equipped with a measuring magnifier as well as a magnifying light then he will require no one else’s assistance in calling the score.

The target runners always work in pairs. One is normally assigned to remove the shot targets which are to be judged with the second person responsible for loading the fresh targets onto the range. Once they have both finished their job the person responsible for issuing the shells gives out the shells to the next shooter.

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