Primos Turkey Call

Want to purchase Primos Turkey Calls? Discover the unique and high quality Primos Turkey Calls available today…

Primos Turkey Calls are designed for high performance and deliver what they promise. In fact these turkey calls have become an essential part of serious turkey hunting equipment over the years. Hunters appreciate their effectiveness and ease of use.

Primos Turkey Call- Essentials of Hunting

Once you’re prepared to go out hunting you will require a very good quality turkey call because if you cannot attract the turkey to your vantage point you will be unable to successfully hunt them. Plus if you have a bad quality turkey call, you will simply startle large flocks of game with rash and inadequate noises. Once the turkey hens and gobblers have been alerted in this fashion there is no getting them back to hunt them.

Primos turkey calls have been designed to make wonderful seductive sounds like slow purrs, yelps and clucks along with large cutting sounds, which are more aggressive in nature. By starting out with a low pitch you should be able to use friction calls, callouts, diaphragms and different devices to build up the level and pitch of your turkey call repertoire.

High-Performance Materials for Turkey Call Closeouts

The Primos call striker is one such device which is available in different models. The waterproof acrylic striker comes with a 5 by 18 inch Purple Heart Striker. Another option is the high-powered crystal turkey call which has a heart made of a crystallized surface. The carbon striker has been tuned well for easy maneuvering and to provide you good control when you’re making turkey calls at different levels.

The material is one hundred percent water-proof which makes it very durable under different climatic conditions. The last thing you need to worry about during your hunt is that your striker will get soaked in the damp waters of a swamp or in the rain.

MiniMite Primos Turkey Call

If you have smaller sized hands you might enjoy using the MiniMite Primos Turkey Call which allows you to get a good grip and create the turkey call noises such as soft clucks and purring noises which are created by striking on the graphite surface. This complete kit is equipped with a hickory striker that is made out of high quality wood features an abrasive pad along with the carbon strike surface.

Primos Turkey Calls – Box Calls

Why not try the traditional box calls by Primos? These beautifully crafted two-sided or single-sided box calls are created out of laser engraving on mahogany. These custom-built boxes produce sounds with an accurate pitch and are highly successful at calling gobblers as well as turkey hens.

The single-sided as well as double-sided box calls have the signature of Will Primos engraved on them along with a Purple Heart. This device is capable of giving off very high pitched tones as well as high-frequency sounds which easily attract the birds towards you.

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