Native American Men Jewelry

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Wearing jewelry was a prominent part of the Native American culture. Both women and men would wear jewelry for beautification purposes as well as religious custom. Native American jewelry is experiencing new found glory in modern times. The collection from the Natives has some impressive jewelry items for the men.

Some of the most unique Native American men’s jewelry are as follows:

Exquisite Multi-Stone Inlaid Bracelet by Lucy Cayatineto

Native American bracelets are particularly popular amongst the men. However you need to have a bold sense of style to be able to carry Native American jewelry as they have a loud and imposing design. For example this particular handmade bracelet has a multi-stone inlaid design. The bracelet is  adorned with some of the all time classic stones used in Native American jewelry including Lapis, Malachite, Spiny Oyster Shell, Mother of Pearl and of course the most popular of them all, Turquoise. Measuring 7/8” wide the bracelet will fit a 7” wrist. The men can get hold of this impressive Native American style bracelet for $544.

Heavy Sterling Silver Overlay Bracelet by Tommy Singer

This is yet another bold bracelet design taking inspiration from the Navajo traditions. Tommy Singer, the famous Native American jewelry designer is credited with developing this piece. The overlay consists of two pieces of sterling silver that have been meticulously cut and soldered together. The bracelet features a host of traditional Native imagery including the Morning Singer Kachina, thunder clouds, two buffalo, mountains, corn, sun, sun rays, Hogan and rain. One of a kind this bracelet can fit a 8-1/2” wrist and has a 1-1/2” opening. This dramatic piece of Native American jewelry for men is available for $675 in the market.

Traditional Multi-Colored Seed Bead Bracelet by Sylvia Spencer

If you want to go for something that has the looks but is cheaper to purchase and yet captures the essence of the Native American culture then this seed bead bracelet is sure to win you over. Especially handmade by Sylvia Spencer this bracelet is made using the traditional beading technique. It features a host of colored beads including red, blue, yellow, orange, brown, black and white. Measuring1-3/8″ wide it is a perfect fit for a 7-1/2″ wrist and has a 1-1/2” opening.

Snowflake Obsidian Arrowhead Necklace

Men’s Native American necklaces are very trendy. They have long been popular amongst the masses, especially the young men. They are relatively simple in nature yet make a bold statement. For example this particular necklace features a snowflake Obsidian arrowhead. Tiana T is credited as being the designer behind this necklace. Basically the arrowhead symbolized the hunter adventurer according to Native American tradition. Obviously this works well with the men even today, even though not many men hunt in today’s day and age. By themselves these necklaces are not fragile but one drop could shatter the arrowhead. Similar arrowhead necklaces for men are available in different colors and varying sizes.

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