Spanish Civil War Propaganda

Looking for propaganda material from the Spanish Civil War? Want to see what propaganda the right & left in Spain used against each other? Our guide gives you the facts & information you want to know.

The Spanish Civil war was a major internal conflict that began in Spain in 1936 after certain illegal parts of the army tried to overthrow the government by force. This coup was a success of the rebels after three long years of attempts which devastated most of Spain. The rebels received support from the major axis powers of Europe and hence were able to come out successfully. This however increased the tensions with Germany which eventually led up to the Second World War. This caused a world war by proxy. Many special military tactics used by Germany in the Second World War were rehearsed here.

Spanish Civil War Propaganda

The Spanish civil war was also a revolution. It demanded for the country to be turned either into a Fascist or a socialist state. Spanish civil war propaganda material was published by both sides of the conflict and much of it constitutes some of the most important documents that remain from the Spanish civil war. The propaganda was set up to let the world know the suffering of the people due to the war and let the people know about the truth of the war. It showed how the people who were living in the harsh times of war went about with their daily business. The propaganda took the form of leaflets and posters which dealt with a multitude of issues. This included the Defense of Madrid, posters against fascism, posters to recruit people to militia and even for the awareness of diseases and emancipation of women.

Civil War Propaganda Posters

Spanish Civil War propaganda aimed to raise awareness through various art forms and posters. It was a way of expression without being violent and most likely without being killed. Every shop owner wanted to fill up each and every corner of their shops with posters. Also it was decided with the general public that every inch of space in the city should be covered in propaganda posters to make people aware. During the Spanish civil war propaganda agencies would fix up posters on ruined buildings to denounce the army. It was with a hope that the aggression would turn into rage.

These propaganda posters contain some of the most sensitive memoirs of war. There were many people who had gathered wealth overnight in the shadow of these posters. Many of these posters were calling for sacrifice in the name of Madrid. The posters were the testimonies to the events of the war. They were successfully able to conjure up the events of the war. The Spanish civil war propaganda was made successful with the help of spreading the news by these posters.

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