Things To Do In Antalya Turkey

Want to find things to do in Antalya Turkey? Read our guide to discover different things to do in Antalya Turkey…

Start your visit to this beautiful Turkish region with a stop at the Antalya Archaeological Museum. This museum is highly rated in the country because it has an amazing collection of Bronze Age jewelry, pottery, tools, and fossils along with mosaics. The display is very unique and supported by informative legends. There’s a separate section dedicated to ethnographic artifacts, which are part of the Ottoman era and include musical instruments, weaponry and luxury carpets as well as clothing.

For a journey into history why not visit the Eski Liman Harbor which dates from Roman times? This quaint location is built below Kaleici and has tall citadel walls on the circumference of the slopes. There are many tourist attractions along with cafés and restaurants. You can hire a tour boat to drive you around the coastline in the early evening and catch the sunset.

The museum called the Suna and Inan Kirac Kaleici Museum has been housed in an ancient Ottoman house, which was restored for this purpose. The upper floor houses ethnographic artifacts from the late 19th century. It depicts events like coffee serving, henna night for the bride and the bridegroom being shaved. This beautiful town gives you an opportunity to discover Antalya in its true spirit.

When thinking of different things to do in Antalya Turkey, you should consider roaming the small back streets of the town to really discover the flavor of this city. The old Ottoman houses have been restored into souvenir shops, restaurants and cafés forming a pleasurable way to take in history and enjoy a meal.

Another interesting thing to do in Antalya Turkey is to visit the well-preserved Aspendos amphitheatre, which is considered an icon in the Asia Minor region. This beautiful amphitheater can house 7000 audience members in its semicircle seating arrangements which have a diameter of 95 m each. This amphitheater is credited to a Greek architect Zenon who built this project around 155 BC. The city was extremely prosperous during the reign of the Roman Emperor and his family Marcus Aurelius, making it a center of culture and economic activity for the elite Romans. From gladiators to animal fighting and Opera, the Roman elite were entertained ritualistically at this location and the beautiful construction is still home to many performances today.

Beaches to Visit in Antalya Turkey

The gorgeously sandy Lara Beach is around 12 km East of Antalya and has beautiful crystal waters and a never-ending shoreline. Towards the west lies the Konyaalti Beach which is beautifully pebbled. This offers amazing views of the mountain range and a little further ahead is the Olympos National Park which offers amazing views of nature.

Why not camp at the Sican Island which is the natural reserve in Turkey? Take the opportunity to drive all the way to a revolving restaurant and hotel on top of the Tünektepe Hill. The amazing views throughout the journey will enthrall any nature lover.

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