Things To Do In Safranbolu Turkey

Want to find interesting things to do in Safranbolu Turkey? Discover the historic town and many exciting things to do in Safranbolu Turkey with our guide…

The beautiful town of Safranbolu located in Turkey is a historic site. The city lies between Istanbul and Ankara and has been accorded heritage status and protection under the UNESCO World Heritage program. The reason for this is that the city has a plethora of beautiful remnants of Ottoman architecture that are all considered heritage locations.

Beginning with the hilly Hidirilk Tepesi in this town you can enjoy a view of the entire town from this hilltop park. Entry to the park is two Turkish Liras and includes complimentary drinks at the café. The beautiful and rich location there has the pungent smell of the different teas and coffees that are brewed there all day long.

The population of the city is very friendly and accommodates tourists on a daily basis. However the city is overridden by the smell of smog and pollution due to the many wood fires and industrial  start ups, as well as field burns conducted in this region for economic expansion. An interesting fact is that the pollution in the air causes the sunset in this area to be extremely beautiful and breathtaking with stunning colors of red and purple.

Things to do in Safranbolu Turkey – Cuisine

While you may be taken aback by the beautiful natural vistas of this town there is a lot more happening than meets the eye. The food and local cuisine in Safranbolu Turkey is a pure delight. Why not visit the comfortable Esra Cafe to enjoy a breakfast of eggs with sausage on the side? Have some delicious Manti which is a local meat ravioli cooked in yogurt sauce.

The most famous meal there is Iskender Kebab. The sauce of this dish is created using tomato sauce, butter and spices and utilized for different meals. Apart from this you can sample the yayim, which is a bland pasta with a lot of butter and served traditionally with stuffed grape leaves and tomato soup.

Things to do in Safranbolu Turkey – Accomodation and Visits

You should check very carefully before you book your accommodation. Often small renovated homes and shabby hotels provide over priced rooms which do not ensure you of a pleasant stay there.

The beautiful castle hill is in ruinous condition at Kale withthe only thing at the top of the hill left today being the city’s museum for visitors to browse through.

If you want to explore the Ottoman architecture of bygone times then Kaymakamlar Gezievi offers you such an opportunity. It is one of the refurbished houses from yesteryear and has been beautifully restored to its original glory. You can see different aspects of traditional Turkish life and recreational elements. There is also a tourist board video, which can be viewed by visitors to the restored house.

This quaint little town is a short distance from the main cities of Ankara and Istanbul and pays tribute to the glorious past of the Ottoman Empire. It is a must-visit spot during your vacation in Turkey. You will enjoy a totally different culture and cuisine in this small town with a big history.

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