Traditional Turkey Herb Rub

Want to learn how to make a traditional turkey herb rub? Read on for a simple and easy recipe for making the traditional herb based turkey rub mixture…

There are many different ways of preparing turkey for eating. From deep frying to roasting, to grilling turkey to broiling you have plenty of choices to pick from. Apart from the cooking procedure it is the particular mixture that is used as a turkey rub that adds a distinctive flavor to the finished product.

People looking to prepare turkey have a wide variety of options when it comes to making a turkey rub. However the traditional herb based turkey rub continues to be the most popular mixture of all. If you want to get that authentic taste of Thanksgiving turkey then you need to learn how to make a traditional turkey herb rub.

In general it is not particularly difficult to prepare a good turkey dinner. This is because preparing the seasoning is not very difficult and you have plenty of opportunity to change the flavor by making small alterations in the cooking process or the turkey rub.

Although many people like to experiment with their turkey rubs hard-core turkey eating enthusiasts believe that the traditional turkey herb rub has everything it takes to prepare a delicious turkey dinner. In order to produce the right flavor it is important to get the mixture under the skin of the bird. That’s because the skin actually blocks the flavor so you need to get it inside so that the herb mixture actually affects the meat’s flavor.

Traditional Turkey Herb Rub Ingredients

It takes about 10 minutes to prepare the traditional turkey herb rub. You’ll need a variety of different herbs to make this authentic mixture which includes garlic powder, seasoned salt, poultry seasoning, paprika, salt, pepper, cayenne pepper and basil.

All you have to do to prepare the traditional turkey herb rub is combine all the ingredients together and mix thoroughly. After that you can store the mixture in an air tight container.

Turkey Tips and Tricks

If you do not have poultry seasoning at hand you can easily prepare it by experimenting with a few recipes. Similarly you can experiment with the stuffing to bring out different flavors. A new trend among turkey enthusiasts is to go for a rice stuffing. Ginger Citrus Rice stuffing has become extremely popular because of its great taste, high nutritional value and the fact that it is incredibly easy to make.

If you have bits and pieces of the turkey left over from the main course then you can use those to prepare some exquisite treats. Among the treats you can prepare with cooked leftover turkey are pizzas, stir fry dishes, fajitas, fittatas, sandwiches, casseroles, salads, chilis and soups.

An important thing to remember when it comes to preparing any sort of turkey based meal is that you need to marinate the turkey beforehand. A marinade is a combination of one or more seasoned liquids within which the turkey needs to be soaked so that it absorbs the flavor and becomes tender.

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